Dummy! Man Tries To Charge His Phone On ‘Hand To God’ Broadway Set

Broadway show

An audience member went up to the stage during a recent performance of the Broadway show Hand to God and merrily plugged his phone into a fake electrical outlet that was part of the set.

As everyone knows, people cannot be parted from their phones and need to keep them charged all the time, but the set of a Broadway show is definitely not the place to do it.

It was just as the performance opened that the cheeky person plugged their phone into the fake outlet, part of the set of Hand to God. The front of house staff immediately responded by retrieving the phone, and the performance was apparently only delayed by around five minutes.

It is not clear whether the audience member understood the consequences of his actions or if he was doing this on a dare, but according to Broadway Adjacent, when the man received his phone back from the usher, he had the cheek to ask, “Well, where can I charge it?”

Broadway Adjacent quotes a friend of theirs who said that credit should be given to the set designer for his “hyper-realistic attention to detail” for including electrical outlets.

Mark Kudisch who plays Pastor Greg in Hand to God took to Twitter on July 3rd to tell of the incident and to warn audience members.

And another cast member, Sarah Stiles, also tweeted her incredulity.

According to Playbill, Chris York, an audience member at the Hand to God performance, posted on Facebook that the stage crew had to stop the music, remove the cellphone and generally make an announcement saying you can’t do that.

“Truly. I am a quiet and reserved person and I took great joy in loudly heckling the idiot when he returned to take his phone back.”

Speaking of the show, according to the Hand to God official website, “The uproarious and provocative Hand to God centers on shy, inquisitive student Jason, who finds an outlet for his burgeoning creativity at the Christian Puppet Ministry in the devoutly religious, relatively quiet small town of Cypress, Texas.”

The show has been running on at the Booth Theater on Broadway since April 7, 2015.

[Image: Hand to God]