Daring Daylight Walmart Heist: Man In Security Garb Walks-In, Signs A Slip And Strolls Out With $75K

A man dressed like a security guard executed a daring daylight heist at Wal-Mart and coolly walked out with $75,000 in cash. The daring heist wasn’t uncovered till legitimate security guards showed up to collect the money.

They say “clothes make a man,” and a robber proved that they can make you rich quick too, provided you have gift of the gab as well. What might seem something straight out of a Hollywood movie, a man dressed like a security guard representing Loomis Armored, a cash handling company, convinced the cashier at a Wal-Mart in Oklahoma that he was there to pick up the cash. Having fooled the staff there, the man completed all the formalities without raising any suspicion confidently waked out the store, $75,000 cash in tow.

According to the police, the suspect walked into the Wal-Mart on Saturday in Bristow, southwest of Tulsa, dressed in clothes similar to those of a Loomis armored truck employee, reported MSN. He was wearing a blue shirt and khaki pants uniform, replete with a bullet-proof vest, a sidearm and blue cap. He walked straight up to the store employee who handles cash and informed he was there to pick up cash for Loomis Armored.

A Security Vest, A Sidearm And A Blue Cap. That's The Only Proof Needed?

Loomis Armored LLC offers third-party cash-handling services and remote account management to department stores. There are security protocols that are designed to prevent fraud and impersonation, but it is unclear how the man was able to bypass all of them and walk away with the cash.

The Man Drove A New Chevrolet Malibu, Not An Armored Truck

Employees at the Wal-Mart said the man knew all the procedures and even signed a deposit-slip before accepting the money and walking away. They added that man responsible was driving a newer-model Chevrolet Malibu that was all black, including the wheels, thereby ensuring his mode of transport too, appeared legitimate. Interestingly though, Loomis Armored only dispatches armored trucks for cash-pickups and drops.

The Suspect Is Being Hunted By Oklahoma Police As Well As The FBI

Wal-Mart employees didn’t suspect any foul play until the real Loomis truck driver came for the scheduled pickup about an hour later. That is when they realized the error and reported the robbery, informed the police. Oklahoma police and the Federal Bureau of Investigation have launched an investigation about the daring heist and have looked at the footage obtained from the security cameras. They already have a face and have urged local residents to call Bristow Police at 918-367-2252 if they recognize the man.

[Image Credit | Ethan Miller, Getty Images, Oklahoma Law Enforcement via News On 6]