Caitlyn Jenner Feels Responsibility To Represent Transgender Community: ‘Am I Doing It Right?’

Caitlyn Jenner’s most recent blog post expressed feelings of responsibility in adequately representing the transgender community with the hope that she can “get it right” and “tell all sides of the story.”

Jenner launched the blog ahead of her docu-series, which is set to air at the end of the month on the E! Network. I am Cait follows Jenner as she maneuvers through her transition, something Jenner stated she has waited her whole life for. A recent promo for I am Cait shows a tearful Jenner embracing her daughter Kylie Jenner as she laments that she wants her children to be proud of her.

Caitlyn also divulged in her blog the isolation she has felt from the transgender community for so long as she attempted to keep her transition under wraps and the new friendships and stories that encourage and inspire her.

Jenner achieved fame as Bruce, an Olympic gold medal decathlete and later in life as the patriarch of the reality series Keeping Up with the Kardashians. As rumors persisted regarding Bruce Jenner’s possible transition from man to woman, he finally addressed the issue in an exclusive interview with Diane Sawyer in April, paving the way for Caitlyn Jenner’s first appearance in June.

Jenner’s blog vowed to discuss “issues” and “lessons” she felt would be helpful to those in the transgender community and offers resources for assistance with everything from employment training to legal assistance to suicide prevention, not only for transgenders but for the LGBTQ community as a whole. A drop down menu even allows readers to personally ask Jenner questions.

The blog was another reflection by Caitlyn Jenner in what she describes as “realizing how fortunate I am.” On July 4, Jenner had posted an Instagram photo in which she applauded her opportunity to be “free” to be herself.

As Caitlyn Jenner strives to make her own way in the world, it also appears she is trying to be a beacon of hope for others who choose the same path. Jenner has vowed that she will now live an authentic life with “no more secrets,” and her words of encouragement and resourceful blog seem to illuminate Jenner’s desire to be a support to others in the LGBTQ community who choose to do the same.

“Let’s live our true selves and make a positive difference doing it,” Jenner signs off.

If nothing else, Caitlyn Jenner’s hopefulness might just be a boost the LGBTQ community has been looking for.

To read more of Caitlyn Jenner’s blog and see the list of resources available, click here.

[Image courtesy of Bruce Glikas/Getty Images]