Teens Kill Geese, Post The Video Online [Graphic Video]

Two 17-year-old males from Woodbridge, New Jersey, have been charged with third-degree animal abuse after intentionally running over a flock of geese and possibly goslings. According to the New Jersey SPCA, the two teens were found and questioned after some concerned citizens reported a video of the horrific act. The two teens are juniors at Colonia High School. They lured the geese into the street. One recorded the other purposely running the geese over with a Ford Explorer, according to the National Examiner. Apparently, they thought this act was something to be proud of, as one said the following to the other, according to New Jersey.

"You kill them and I'll shoot it with my phone."
Unbelievably, and sadly, this was apparently thought to be some sort of fun event. The teenagers were tracked down and charged with animal cruelty after being questioned with their parents' permission. They admitted to the deed. The investigation was conducted jointly by the NJSPCA, Woodbridge Police, and the Woodbridge Animal control division. WARNING: The video is GRAPHIC and not for the faint of heart. The link to the GRAPHIC VIDEO can be found here.

The geese were run down on New Dover Road. At least one dead goose was found around the corner. Evidence of goose feathers was found in the Explorer's grill, license plate, and bumper, according to investigators. If they are convicted in court, state law will require mental health counseling for the teens.

Matt Stanton, spokesman for the NJSPCA, stated that the case will most likely be referred to family court, and he indicated the following.

"The judge has a particular amount of discretion. What will probably happen is mandated psychological counseling and probably community service."
What penalty should the two 17-year-olds receive? Do you think that they should receive jail time? Would psychological counseling and community service be enough for such an intentional act to kill another being? Please leave your comments below.

There is so much animal abuse reported on a daily basis. If people aren't held accountable, it may never end. Another disturbing case that was reported in the Inquisitr was that of a man who killed a husky with a sword. Douglas Joseph Hagler, 47, of Cary, North Carolina, used a sword to stab his 13-month-old husky to death. The husky, named Koda, was tied to a tree when it was stabbed, according to town spokeswoman Susan Moran. Investigators stated that the dog had allegedly bitten Hagler's roommate. Hagler took the roommate to the hospital and indicated that he was returning home for her wallet. Instead of getting her wallet, he went home and killed the dog.

[Photo By Simon Hofmann/Getty Images]