Emily Kinney Is Signed On For Season 3 Of ‘Masters Of Sex’

Emily Kinney has signed on for Season 3 of 'Masters of Sex'

Warning: Season 5 spoilers for AMC’s The Walking Dead and, in particular, Emily Kinney’s character, Beth Greene, are contained within this article. Proceed with caution if you have not watched Season 5 in its entirety.

Emily Kinney has just signed on for Season 3 of Showtime’s Masters of Sex. She will be playing a series arc role that will span several episodes. According to Entertainment Weekly, Emily Kinney will play the role of Nora.

“As a child, Nora was Bill and Libby Masters’ neighbor. Now in her 20s, poised and brimming with intelligence, Nora volunteers to become a sex surrogate in the next phase of Masters and Johnson’s research.”

Kinney’s role was announced by Showtime on Monday. She will star alongside newly announced Season 3 cast members Josh Charles, Maggie Grace, and Tate Donovan. As yet, her character details have not been added to the Masters of Sex IMDb page, so it is undetermined just how long Kinney’s stint will last.

Masters of Sex is a “drama about the pioneers of the science of human sexuality whose research touched off the sexual revolution.” Alongside Emily Kinney, Masters of Sex also stars Michael Sheen (as Dr. William Masters), Caitlin FitzGerald (Libby Masters), Lizzy Caplan (Virginia Johnson), and Teddy Sears (Dr. Austin Langham). Season 3 will premiere on July 12, 2015, at 10 p.m. EST on Showtime. Season 3 was officially announced in August of last year, with When Will noting this new season will run for 12 episodes.

Emily is best known for played Beth Greene in AMC’s The Walking Dead from Season 2 until her death in Season 5. Kinney’s character became intertwined with Walking Dead favorite, Daryl Dixon in Season 5. However, when they were recently linked as dating, fans went into overdrive at the prospect of their onscreen relationship leaking out into the real world.

As well as acting, Emily Kinney has an established music career. Her website, Emily Kinney Music, displays her musical talent, but fans have already seen Kinney’s vocal talents on The Walking Dead as she performed several songs during the time she was on the show. You can check out a preview of one of her most recent song titles, “Expired Love,” below.

Are you looking forward to seeing Emily Kinney on the small screen again? Do you watch Masters of Sex already, or will you be tuning in just to see Emily’s performance? Let us know by commenting below!

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