Andi Dormfan And Josh Murray Applaud Kaitlyn Bristowe For Confessing Nick Viall Sex To Shawn Booth

Both Andi Dorfman and Josh Murray believe that Kaitlyn Bristowe did the right thing in telling Shawn Booth that she had sex with Nick Viall. As the latest episode of The Bachelorette aired on Monday night, both Andi and Josh gave their reactions to Kaitlyn’s bombshell revelation.

Andi pointed out that it couldn’t have been fun for either Kaitlyn and Shawn to go through that. She gave Kaitlyn props for being honest.


Andi also applauded how Shawn handled the news. She thought that Shawn reacted like a true man.

Earlier in the night, Josh shared his opinion that Kaitlyn’s two strongest connections are with Nick and Shawn.


When he watched Kaitlyn confess to Shawn that she had sex with Nick, Josh commended Kaitlyn for her honesty. He pointed out that Shawn can now make an informed decision as to what he wants to do.

“At least Kaitlyn was honest so Shawn can make a decision as to what he wants to do… I definitely commend her for that – honesty.”

Was that Josh Murray’s subtle way of saying that Andi Dorfman should’ve been honest with him about Nick Viall? When Andi was filming the previous season of The Bachelorette, she had sex with Nick during their overnight fantasy suite date. She then sent Nick home and accepted Josh’s marriage proposal. The sex act was not revealed until the After the Final Rose special, when Nick asked Andi why she made love to him if she knew that she was in love with Josh.

After Nick’s revelation, Josh publicly stood by Andi and blasted Nick for kissing and telling. Yet Josh and Andi announced their split a few months later in January. During her tell-all interview with Chris Harrison, Andi did not give any inclination that her keeping the fact that she had sex with Nick a secret from Josh caused a problem in their relationship.

“I didn’t feel supported and empowered and I don’t think I gave him that support and empowerment that he needed. When you have two very passionate, very strong personalities in one house and nobody can back down and nobody is the calming force for one another… it’s a lot of emotion. It’s a lot of tension in one house.”

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, after Andi’s interview with Chris aired, Josh posted a message about things not working out sometimes but still trusting in God’s plan.

Perhaps Kaitlyn Bristowe, after having seen Andi Dorfman’s season of The Bachelorette, realized that it’s best to be upfront about everything? Luckily for her, Shawn took the news relatively well. Instead of storming out on Kaitlyn, Shawn, after a long moment of silence and going to the bathroom for a bit, told Kaitlyn that he still wanted her.

“What am I going to do? Storm out of here? No, because I want you. All of you. Forever.”

Will Shawn Booth continue to be so understanding and forgiving towards Kaitlyn Bristowe over what she did with Nick Viall? The preview for next week’s episode hints that things will get intense between Shawn and Nick, something that Andi Dorfman seemingly just can’t wait to see.

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