Baltimore Restaurant Owner Opts Out Of Restaurant Week To Feed The Homeless Instead

A restaurant owner has decided to serve up something special for those in need. Baltimore celebrates its 10th annual restaurant week from July 24 through August 2 this year. But instead of participating in that celebration, Michael Tabrizi, the owner of Tabrizi’s restaurant in Baltimore, has decided to partner with shelters to feed the homeless. Tabrizi stated the following, according to Huffington Post Community Kindness.

“I decided that, after all of the chaos earlier this year, it would be better to do something for the city to unite the people.”

The restaurant normally specializes in Mediterranean cuisine and also handles large events, such as weddings. While other restaurants participate in the food festival during the five-day period, they will close their dining room to the public and will offer up three meals a day to people in need, and the owner kindly stated the following.

“These people don’t only suffer from hunger, but also from hopelessness, they feel that they don’t have any dignity anymore. We want them to come in and feel like they’re cared for.”

Meals will be served at 1, 3, and 5 p.m. each day, and although the menus aren’t finalized yet, will most likely consist of chicken or beef with vegetables, sparkling cider served in champagne flutes, and ice cream for dessert. Sounds very appetizing and will hopefully show that everyone is worthy and appreciated.

Tabrizi is asking for volunteers during that week and has developed a form indicating time slots and what tasks needed to be accomplished, such as serving or cleaning up. He also teamed up with the Baltimore Area Concierge Association, organizing bus transportation to and from the restaurant.

Tabrizi noted that Baltimore needs to come together and stated, “The main goal is just to show people that actions do matter. Baltimore has a long way to recover and we can’t just rely on other people to lead. It’s our city.”

He noted that it would be an added bonus if other restaurants followed his lead. He also stated the following, according to Baltimore Magazine.

“It isn’t about revenue and money right now, we’ve done restaurant week before and we know the numbers, but right now it’s more important to promote the welfare of the city and its residents rather than to promote the business.”

Sometimes people have a great heart and help others who are in need, as Michael Tabrizi plans on doing. John Cruz is a homeless man in the beachside neighborhood of Kailua, on the Hawaiian island of Oahu, who was valued and helped by people. He often watched over local residents, doled out advice, and even helped oversee whether young people were safe. When he needed medical help, people who cared came to his aid, according to an article in the Inquisitr.

[Photo Courtesy Facebook]