WWE Rumors: Lita And Trish Stratus To Team Up At ‘Wrestlemania 32’?

Lita And Trish Stratus To Team Up At 'Wrestlemania 32'?

The rumor mill surrounding Wrestlemania 32 has seen some of the biggest names in wrestling mentioned in potential wrestling roles on the show. From The Rock to “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, the possible attractions for the show keeping getting bigger. But now, it appears two female legends may be competing at the event as well.

Brie Bella recently spoke to Female First to discuss a variety of topics. Among the topics of discussion were a potential match she and her twin sister, Nikki Bella, might compete in at Wrestlemania next year at AT&T Stadium in Dallas, Texas. The scenario that was mentioned was a dream match of sorts between the Bella Twins and two WWE Hall of Famers.

Lita and Trish Status, two women who are considered to be the class of the once heralded women’s division in WWE, have not been active wrestlers in some time. Lita’s last match was on Monday Night RAW’s 1000th episode and Stratus’ last match was Wrestlemania 27. But Brie says there have been discussions regarding the possible divas tag team match.

“There was talk of this at WrestleMania; I would love Team Besties – Lita and Trish Stratus – to go up against Team Bella… and it could happen!”

In a recent interview with the Inquisitr, Lita, who is currently one of the judges on the hit show Tough Enough, discussed the possibility of having another match with the WWE.

“I mean, I’m gearing up for Tough Enough training right now, so, I wouldn’t rule anything out and I’ll say anything is possible.”

Stratus herself has stated in recent interviews that wrestling with WWE again is not out of the question. Having made several appearances and even the aforementioned match at Wrestlemania 27 since her official retirement in 2006, Stratus said that the door is always open.

“Every time I have returned it’s been on the basis that the door is never closed. If some awesome opportunity pops up and it sounds fun and challenging and it’s something I haven’t done before.”

Many fans may disagree with Lita and Stratus competing in what could be their last match against the Bella Twins. But the fact remains that they are two of, if not the most popular female wrestlers around. With the popularity of Total Divas and their role on WWE television, putting them up against two of the mot popular female wrestlers of all-time would be the way to go.

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