‘Big Brother 17’: Da’Vonne Knows Liz And Julia Are Twins But It Won’t Help Her Game [Spoilers]

'Big Brother 17' Jason Roy, Liz Nolan, Da'Vonne Rogers

It’s only two weeks into Big Brother 17, but Da’Vonne Rogers has already had to fight for her life. The poker dealer, who has told her fellow house guests she is a school teacher, has proved particularly adept at exposing her roommates’ cover stories. She knows Vanessa Rousso is a professional poker player and even asked John McGuire whether he’s really a dentist. (He is.)

Now, live feeders have learned Da’Vonne has caught on to the “twin twist,” and has taken steps to expose Liz and Julia Nolan to the rest of the house. But at this point, it may not save her from going home on Thursday.

[Warning: spoilers to follow]

After Becky was dethroned as Head of Household, Shelli remained in power. Her two nominees, Da’Vonne and John, are on the block, but as Shelli told the diary room camera during Sunday’s episode, Da’Vonne is her target. John won the Power of Veto and in Monday’s ceremony, saved himself. Shelli put Meg up in her place. At one point, she’d considered using Liz as the renom.

Big Brother Network reports today that Da’Vonne has noticed Liz sometimes looks different. The twins made the swap today, which means Da’Vonne saw both Liz and Julia within a short period of time. She told Jason how “Liz” looks different from day to day, from the physical features to the amount of roots showing in Liz and Julia’s hair.

Jason and Da’Vonne began to compare notes, such as when Liz “forgot” details about what happened in the house and how her experience during casting was unlike everyone else’s. In short, Jason and Da’Vonne have begun to put it together.

As BBN blogger Matthew Boyer pointed out, it’s a missed opportunity for Da’Vonne or a big stroke of luck for Shelli that she chose Meg as the renom instead of Liz. If Da’Vonne was up against Liz, she could have exposed the “twin twist” and potentially avoided eviction. Now, it’s unclear how Da’Vonne’s knowledge could help her stay in the house.

As for the twins, host Julie Chen made it clear Liz/Julia have to avoid five evictions in order to win the right to enter the house as individuals. If they are merely found out, and “Liz” doesn’t get evicted, the twin twist continues.

Da’Vonne isn’t out of the game just yet, however. The house guests don’t know it yet, but there will only be nine votes next week, not 12. Kathy Griffin told Julie Chen that as part of her “BB Takeover” this week, she will call the house repeatedly. Whoever picks up the seventh call will have the power to prevent three people from voting.

Big Brother 17 airs Sunday, Wednesday and Thursday on CBS.

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