‘Fear The Walking Dead’ Teaser Hints At The Potential For Beautiful Zombies

As we reported yesterday, AMC have slotted some amazing trailers for their new zombie program, Fear The Walking Dead, into their programming schedule over July 4 and 5. The three trailers were shown during the repeat screenings of the movie, Independence Day and their new sci-fi series, Humans.

The Inquisitr has been searching the internet for uploaded versions of these new trailers, but it seems the trailers have not been uploaded officially to AMC’s Fear The Walking Dead website. However, thanks to a few Walking Dead fans, one of the trailers have been located.

Firstly, I had Cassidy Frazee contact me via Twitter to let me know Uproxx had published one. Another Walking Dead fan, Mabon Andrew Sofer also contacted me via the original article with the Uproxx post link as well. Thank you so much for your excellent sleuth work!

Fear The Walking Dead Cassidy Frazee tweet

Now, we can finally have a closer look at the promo video for Fear The Walking Dead. According to Uproxx, these clips may actually be leaked trailers expected to be shown at San Diego Comic Con this weekend, although, fans who were watching AMC over the last few days will know otherwise. However, these three clips may actually be a part of a larger trailer that will premiere in full at Comic Con on Friday during the Fear The Walking Dead panel.

While Uproxx managed to track down this teaser video, it originally appeared on the Fear The Walking Dead Wikia page. They found the trailer from an uploaded video on YouTube, so thank you Kyllan Cunningham for whipping out your phone and capturing the whole trailer!

One thing we do know for certain though is that the early days of the zombie apocalypse in LA will be a lot more easy on the eye than in the original series. With this video showing a bikini clad woman and a zombie fishing for her, LA has the potential to be filled to overflowing with silicone-filled, wrinkle-free, barely dressed hotties.

You can find out more about the other two Fear The Walking Dead teaser videos that AMC played over July 4 and 5 by viewing the original Inquisitr article on it.

A panel of select cast and crew from Fear The Walking Dead will appear at San Diego Comic Con this week. You can find out more details on when by clicking here.

Are you looking forward to Fear The Walking Dead when it premiers on AMC in August? Let us know by commenting below!

[Image credit: Twitter / Cassidy Frazee / Uproxx / AMC]