Tiger Bites Off Toddler’s Arm: 2-Year-Old Loses Part Of Arm After Sticking It Inside Tiger’s Zoo Enclosure

Tiger Bites Off Toddler's Arm

A tiger bit off a toddler’s arm at a zoo in China, resulting in the child losing his entire right forearm. Just moments before the violent event, the boy had his picture taken with the tiger, which stood behind a glass barrier.

The Daily Mail writes that the boy’s severed limb was unable to be retrieved.

The toddler pushed his hand through a vent under the glass screen of the animal’s enclosure in an effort to get the tiger’s attention. Suddenly, the White Tiger clenched the boy’s arm in an attack that reportedly lasted less than 30 seconds. Witnesses say the boy was screaming in agony, as a part of him was in the animal’s jaws.

Lu Zesheng, an employee at the Bifeng Gorge National Park, said, “The little boy’s right arm was in the White Tiger’s mouth when I got there.”

Bifeng Gorge CEO, Chen Zhiquan, says that “nobody wants these kinds of things to happen. He said that he’s very upset about the incident and that the national park will pay for the toddler’s medical expenses. The zoo says it will continue carrying out safety checks on animal enclosures.

The toddler who lost his arm was sent to the hospital with relatives by his side. He’s said to be in stable condition after undergoing surgery. Doctors weren’t able to re-attach the arm since the zoo was unable to retrieve it.

According to the report, all of the White Tigers have been removed from their enclosure until further notice.

The report about the tiger biting off the toddler’s arm was first published in China’s People’s Daily Online. A photograph of the 2-year-old boy after the bad accident can be viewed here. An image of the boy standing near the tiger’s enclosure is also posted — with the tiger appearing be glaring at the boy.

Last year, a 3-year-old boy was mauled by jaguars after putting his hand inside a lion’s enclosure at Little Rock Zoo. When he fell in, two jaguars attacked the child, as reported by Inquisitr. He suffered a skull fracture, scalp lacerations, and minor puncture wounds, but survived the ordeal. His father was taking pictures of him near the enclosure when his feet went too far over the railing, which caused him to lose balance and fall into the jaguar pit.

It’s unknown at this point what will happen to the White Tiger that bit off the toddler’s arm.

[Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for Wildlife WayStation]