Mesmerizingly Bizarre: Ellie Goulding Caught This Guy Donning Her Stuff

Ellie Goulding is a great British singer. However, she has of late had to endure a few trying moments.

Starting with the trolling she experienced last month, social media trolls on Instagram and Twitter filled her feeds with negative comments following a makeup-free selfie.

Apparently, Ellie Goulding took the photo after staying away from alcohol and makeup for a whole week. Ellie Goulding posted the following responses to her “haters”.

“I’ll keep posting make up free photos sorry haters.
9:55 PM – 11 Jun 2015”

“And also if you follow me on Instagram just to make weird comments like “put some make up on” please unfollow cos that’s not really my vibe.
10:10 PM – 11 Jun 2015″

Ellie Goulding’s final response to her critics – attending a fashion party in London looking gorgeous in a beautiful, awe-inspiring, black dress.

According to Inquisitr, she had been busy working with DJ Diplo on her upcoming album when she posted the photo.

Ellie Goulding also recently experienced an awkward moment during the British Summer Time concert at Hyde Park when a gust of wind blew her top aside, briefly exposing her nude-colored bra.

However, she carried on dancing and didn’t let the moment sway her attention. This is as reported by the Daily Express.

This is not to mention that Ellie Goulding and her boyfriend, Dougie Poynter, have also been the subject of engagement rumors on numerous occasions.

The most memorable was last year when Ellie Goulding was spotted donning a diamond ring stirring up speculation that the two lovebirds were engaged.

But according to the Mirror, the ring was just a fashion accessory and Dougie Poynter denied ever proposing to Ellie.

This is what he said.

“No. It was just a ring that fit on that finger… It didn’t really look like an engagement ring though, did it?”

One of his bandmates teased him about the ring saying the following.

“That would have been a lame engagement ring, Doug.”

Most recently, however, Ellie Goulding shared with the world a strange discovery – she had caught someone wearing her jeans, and it was Dougie Poynter.

Apparently, Ellie Goulding’s boyfriend wore her jeans by mistake and it was only after she pointed it out that he took notice. Ellie then shared a pic of him in her jeans on Instagram.

[Photo by Chris Jackson/Getty Images for Marriott International & Universal Music Group]