Demi Lovato Will Have To Try Harder Next Time

Is Demi Lovato the new, improved Katy Perry? Seems that's who she wants to be on "Cool For The Summer." The song has people scratching their heads as to whether they are listening to Demi Lovato, Jessie J, or a 2008-era Katy Perry.

As Entertainment Weekly reports, to be specific, on the song Demi Lovato recalls Katy Perry's 2008 "I Kissed A Girl." It also gives one recollections of Jessie J's "Domino." If it can work for Katy Perry and Jessie J, who's to say it can't work for Demi? But Lovato has denied accusations she copied anybody.

Demi Lovato's New Song Cool For The Summer LEAKED - Listen Now

It's probably just a case of lazy songwriting. And it's obviously a case of using what sells to sell more. The Katy Perry comparisons are undeniable, no matter what Lovato says. But if early reactions mean anything, then being unoriginal hasn't effected song sales. Either the people buying this are too young to remember the songs this emulates, or they don't care, and just want more Demi.

The comparisons to Jessie J are less apparent. But they are clearly there, especially when you hear the chorus of "Domino." But Demi Lovato never said she wanted to be original. And perhaps the fans buying this song don't demand that of her.

But even if people have lashed her over Twitter for giving them more of the same from the pop music machine, Demi brushed them off quickly, the same way she brushed it off and kept it moving after her fall during a pool party performance this weekend in Los Angeles. Lovato was even kind enough to post the incident on Instagram, for you, I, and everyone to have repeated laughs.

I can't help but wonder if the fall on a swimming pool stage and the copycat song are connected. I wonder how she'll do when the Billboard Hot 100 is updated next week, and if there also won't be a quick slip of this song down the chart. Don't get me wrong Demi Lovato fans. I'm not saying I dislike your favorite singer. She's taken bold steps with her health and advocacy efforts.

Hopefully, in a pop music world filled with trendsetters and trend followers, Demi Lovato can choose more of the former, or risk being forgotten, fading out as a second-tier pop star. Or maybe she can focus full time on those causes that she supports, and leave the music to the others. Either that or she can give us something a little more like "Give Your Heart a Break," and let her own style shine through.

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