Diablo III Open Beta Weekend Kicks Off Today

If you never managed to make it into the Diablo III closed beta, good news: Blizzard today announced that the Diablo III beta will be open to all with a Battle.net account–but only for a weekend.

The Diablo III “open” beta will go live today, April 20 at around noon PDT, and is expected to last until Monday, April 23 at 10 a.m. PDT. All classes will be available during the weekend beta event, and players will go through the same portion of the game’s first act.

For those of you without a Diablo III closed beta invite, there will be some restrictions. According to a FAQ accompanying Blizzard’s announcement, participants of the open beta test, which the developer is calling a stress test, will no longer be able to access the beta after April 23 unless they receive a closed beta invite.

Additionally, Diablo III open beta testers won’t be awarded any “Beta Bucks,” which the developer is using to test out its currency-based auction house system. For those of you with a closed beta invite, you’ll still be able to play after that April 23 cut-off date comes and goes.

Still, if you want to check out Diablo III ahead of its May 15 release date, this weekend may be the only chance you’ll have. You can give the Diablo III beta client a download by following this link, and you can read over the FAQ by clicking here.