Notorious Security Firm ‘Hacking Team’ Compromised [Breaking]


It is just now being reported on Twitter and by CSO Online that Italian security firm Hacking Team has been compromised by parties unknown.

The attack, which took place during the Women’s World Cup, resulted in a Torrent file with over 400GB of of internal documents, source code, and email communications being made available to the public. Meanwhile, the attackers have also seized control of Hacking Team’s Twitter, defacing it and posting images of the stolen data.

Christopher Soghoian, principal technologist of the ACLU, says that a preliminary analyst of the Torrent’s contents suggests that Hacking Team included among their customers nations such as South Korea, Kazakhstan, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Lebanon, and Mongolia. Hacking Team, which specializes in intrusion and surveillance, has always maintained that they do not do business with oppressive governments.

The tools developed by Hacking Team have been linked to several cases of privacy invasion in the past, by researches and the media.

The Inquisitr reported last month on the recent trend of major hacking attacks.

We will continue to monitor the story as it unfolds.

Update: researchers are beginning to dismantle and examine the data package. Among the finds thus far are an invoice for 58,000 Euro to Egypt for Hacking Team’s RCS Exploit Portal, and a video advertising Da Vinci, Hacking Team’s top tool, which can be seen here: