Japan Whopper Burger Ordered With 1,050 Bacon Strips [Video]

Japan – – A Whopper burger garnished with 1,050 bacon strips has defeated an ambitious diner who took advantage of a new Burger King promotion.

Burger King Japan is currently offering customers the chance to add an additional 15 slices of bacon to their order for a mere ¥100, or $1.25.

After hearing of this, Japanese site RocketNews did the honorable thing and decided to create the bacony behemoth you see above. The 1,050 strips of bacon added roughly $87 to the cost of the burger. It also meant that 15 slices of were added … 70 times over.

Offering calorie-stuffed burgers is nothing new. Back in February, a man who ate at the Heart Attack Grill in Las Vegas went into cardiac arrest during his attempt to eat something called the “Triple Bypass Burger.” He lived to appreciate the irony.

At least one burger at the Heart Attack Grill soars past the recommended daily caloric intake – The “Quadruple Bypass Burger” contains more than 8,000 calories, three times the number of recommended daily calorie intake. ‘Flatliner Fries’ and ‘Butterfat Milkshakes’ are also offered at the restaurant, while customers who weigh over 350 pounds are allowed to eat for free.

Yet while America remains the, er, heartland of the mega burger, it’s nice to see other nations taking part. Scroll down to watch our Japanese friend attempting to tackle his bacon skyscraper of a burger: