‘Movie Trailer Guy’ Impression Goes Viral For 14-Year-Old [Video]

‘Movie Trailer Guy’ Don LaFontaine could have a successor: a gravelly-voiced 14-year-old who uploaded his own movie trailer voiceover impression to YouTube.

Everybody who’s seen a film trailer in the past thirty years will know LaFontaine’s voice: that deep, throaty near-growl that would often introduce trailers with the words “In a world where …” is recognized everywhere. LaFontaine passed away in 2008 after voicing over 5,000 film trailers, including The Godfather Part II, Dr Strangelove, Ghostbusters, Home Alone and Terminator.

Yet now, schoolboy Jake Foushee is making his bid to fill LaFontaine’s hefty shoes. The youngster posted a 32-second clip (embedded below) of himself voicing a mock film trailer, and at the time of writing said clip is hurtling toward 700,000 views.

Jake filmed the footage in his bedroom, and begins by sharing his dream of becoming a voiceover artist. Then his voiceover kicks off, and it’s mighty impressive. He growls:

“In a world where the Earth was no longer in our control, with our survival at stake. We have one chance and that chance is to fight back. Get ready for the most thrill-ride motion picture event of the year: Apocalypse. In theatres everywhere. Friday.”

There could be a lucrative future for young Jake – not only did LaFontaine speak over film trailers, he also lent his voice to thousands of advertisements and shows including Entertainment Tonight and The Insider. During a 25-year career, he became the in-show announcer for the Academy Awards and the Screen Actors Guild Awards.

You can watch Jake’s impression of LaFontaine below – let us know what you think in the comments.