Dog Died At Grooming Salon -- Accidentally Hung: How Did It Happen? [Video]

The unimaginable became horrifically real to a Maryland dog owner. His long-haired Chihuahua was accidentally hung at a grooming salon at the D.C. Little Rascals Doggie Daycare and Overnight Boarding. Heartbroken owner Gene Lacey wants to warn others before they drop their beloved pets off at the groomer. He normally took his dogs, Vinny and Keisha, to Little Rascals for grooming. But something went terribly wrong and the business contacted Lacy stating the following, according to My Fox DC Channel 5.

"They told me there had been an accident and Keisha didn't make it....They were giving her a bath and they either turned away or stepped away and she climbed out of the tub and I imagine asphyxiated herself."
Both Lacy and his other dog are in shock and miss their canine companion. Vinny stopped eating for a few days after the loss.

"He wouldn't eat for the first three days," Lacy stated, "and then at home, he would just go in lay in her crate or on her mattress and just lay there -- wouldn't eat."

He stated that some type of protocol should be put in place so that these accidents don't happen. Lacy stated, according to the Examiner, that "[y]ou have some sort of protocol in place or somebody there watching the dog all the time. You wouldn't leave a baby in a bathtub and step away."

Although encouraged by many to do so, Lacy has indicated that he is not going to sue the business. He stated that doing so wouldn't bring his beloved canine back. And the grooming salon has not commented publicly on the tragic event.

Lacy indicated that the owner of Little Rascals is generally good with dogs, and he wasn't sure whether the owner was present when Keisha died. But he stressed that the staff should never leave a dog unattended while being groomed. Wary to let his dog out of his sight now, Lacy noted that groomers should use something safer, such as a harness, when grooming dogs.

Do you think that the business should face any criminal charges or animal abuse charges? Please leave your comments below.

Unfortunately, other dogs in the news have been accidentally killed at grooming salons. Recently, a beloved golden retriever was baked to death while being dried at a Petco grooming salon. A Powhatan County, Virginia, family blamed their local Petco for the death of their young dog. Allison Marks left her two-year-old golden retriever Colby at the Westchester Commons Petco for what was supposed to be a routine grooming.

When she didn't hear from the Petco after a couple of hours, she called and was told to meet an assistant manager of the store at a local animal hospital. When she arrived, Colby had been pronounced dead, apparently of heat stroke from the dryer used with the grooming cage. According to the veterinarian, the dog's body temperature was over 105 degrees. The assistant manager conveyed the horrible news that the dog died after a groomer left for a graduation party, apparently forgetting about the dog drying off in a cage, according to an article in the Inquisitr.

[Photo and Video Courtesy YouTube]