Nic Cage: 'Superman Lives' Starring Nicolas Cage Almost Happened, Must See Footage [Video]

Louis Babcock

The year was 1997. Batman (1989) director Tim Burton was getting ready to further explore the DC Universe by directing a new Superman movie. The man Burton wanted to play Superman/Clark Kent was none other than Nic Cage. Superman Lives was never able to get off the ground. A new documentary, The Death Of Superman Lives. What Happened?, tells the story about why the world did not get a Nic Cage Superman. The documentary features interviews with the people involved in the movie and includes test footage of Nic Cage testing out a new style of Superman suit.

"You were saying it feels looser the more I wear it? This is great, look at that."
"He's a great artist, and I'm sure he would have done something really magnificent with the story of Superman and I knew I was going to go towards something quite unique and different than anything you've seen with Superman. But having said that, in a way, it was a win-win for me that it didn't work out, because the power of the imagination [allows you to] imagine what that might have been like. That might be even more powerful than the finished product, so I think it worked out."

The reaction on Twitter to a Nic Cage Superman movie is interesting.

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