Nick Gordon Hires Legal Team, Including Casey Anthony Lawyer Jose Baez, In Preparation For Bobbi Kristina Brown Civil Suit

Essel Pratt

Nick Gordon, boyfriend of Bobbi Kristina Brown, is assembling a team of lawyers to defend him in a civil suit that claims he physically abused and stole money from the daughter of Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown. In an effort to create his dream team of lawyers, Gordon has chosen Casey Anthony Lawyer Jose Baez to become part of the team.

Entertainment Tonight shared the exclusive story, stating that Nick Gordon's lead lawyer, Joe Habachy, has reached out to Jose Baez to join the team in an effort to clear his client's name and prove that Bobbi Kristina's condition is not a result of abuse on Gordon's part. Other individuals who are being brought in to become part of the legal team are TJ Ward, a private investigator who worked on the Natalie Holloway case, and Gordon's other lawyer, Randy Kessler. Gordon is optimistic that the assembled defense team will not only clear his name, but also put the focus back on Bobbi Kristina's condition, rather than focusing on pointing fingers.

The civil suit was filed by Bedilia Hargrove, the court-appointed representative for Bobbi Kristina, on grounds that Nick Gordon misrepresented his relationship with Bobbi Kristina and that he stole thousands of dollars from her account after she was found unresponsive in the bathtub, according to New Jersey On-Line.

Prior to addressing the thousands of dollars that were removed from Bobbi Kristina's account, the legal team hopes to determine what led to her body being discovered face down in the bathtub.

"We do know that other individuals were present at the time of when the emergency personnel were brought in. TJ will be trying to establish who was present and what their role was."

According to the local police, the investigation was completed last week and all of the information was turned over to local prosecutors. Fulton County District Attorney Paul Howard shared that he was aware the case was turned in and that he will be "reviewing the case with greater interest." He did not share the results of the investigation or if he had a chance to peek inside.

L.A. Prosecutor Michale Krout shared that Nick Gordon could face serious charges, depending on how the District Attorney decides to proceed with the case.

"[The District's Attorney] will have to make a decision whether this was a homicide, a domestic violence or non-criminal. Nick clearly doesn't have $10 million. The lawsuit was filed to get information in order to provide the police and district attorney about what happened on that day."

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