Ellie Goulding: Eight Reasons Why Ellie Is So Hot She’s Smokin

Ellie Goulding is hot property at the moment. Sometimes it is hard to believe that Ellie has been around since 2009 and released her debut album as long ago as 2010. Over the past couple of years, Ellie has become one of the most talked about pop stars on the planet. Quite simply, Ellie has become so hot that she is “smokin.” Here are eight reasons that Ellie is so hot.

Ellie has the coolest friends. Goulding counts Ed Sheeran, Taylor Swift, Lorde, and Katy Perry amongst her closest friends. Ellie seems to be particularly close to Taylor Swift, and recently shared how she and Swift feel about how female artists are portrayed in the media. Seriously, how cool must it be to hang out with Ed and Taylor? Ellie even revealed that she played matchmaker between Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris.

Ellie is in a relationship with McBusted star Dougie Poynter. Despite both Ellie and Dougie having busy careers in the music industry, they clearly work hard to spend as much time together as possible. Beautiful Ellie is so modest too, she recently revealed that she believed that she was “punching above her weight” by being in a relationship with Dougie.

Ellie really cares about people and not just her friends. In recent weeks, Goulding launched a social media tirade against a council in London who enacted controversial legislation that Ellie believed unfairly victimized homeless people. It isn’t the first time that Ellie has stood up for people less fortunate than herself, either. Ellie frequently raises money for charities through her passion for fitness and running.

Goulding is feisty — cross her at your peril. Just a couple of weeks ago, Ellie joined in the awareness campaign that had celebrities posting pictures of themselves make-up free. Ellie was subjected to a series of mean comments by people calling her ugly. Ellie stood up for herself and knocked the trolls for six, sending them scurrying back into hiding.

Ellie shows that she is human — sometimes she makes mistakes. Earlier this week, she shared a viral photograph of a man in a wheelchair being held aloft by a crowd at a music festival. Ellie mistakenly believed that the shot was from Glastonbury. The shot was actually taken two years ago at a festival in California. Whoops, Ellie!

Ellie isn’t possessive about her clothes. On Friday, the Mirror revealed that Ellie has found Dougie Poynter wearing items belonging to her. Relax, it was just her jeans.

It looks like Ellie may be the latest star to be awarded the honor of singing the theme song for a Bond movie. Sam Smith has revealed that he believes Ellie is getting the nod for Spectre, due out in November.

Finally, did you know that Ellie once sang her cover of Elton John’s “Your Song” at a wedding reception? It wasn’t just any wedding reception, though. It was the reception for Prince William and Catherine Middleton, and it was held at Buckingham Palace.

There you have it, eight reasons why Ellie Goulding is so hot that she is “smokin.”

[Photo by Chris Jackson / Getty Images]