Voters Want Out of Afghanistan, Romney Wants To Stay and Fight

During the Republican primary, Mitt Romney expressed a strong desire to stay the course in Afghanistan and maybe even engage further. He criticized President Obama for his support for a rapid withdrawal from the country and went after Obama’s “failed leadership”.

Unfortunately for Mitt, those views put him increasingly out of touch with the swing voters he is going to need to have any chance of beating the President on November.

According to the newest Pew Poll, 59 percent of swing voters now favor a “rapid U.S. troop withdrawal.” For the purpose of the survey, a swing voter was described as someone who hasn’t made up their mind about who they are going to vote for or may change their mind.

The War in Afghanistan is even losing significant support among Romney voters. Forty-eight percent of his voters said they want to end the war as soon as possible, compared to 46 percent who want to remain until the situation is “stabilized.”

It is becoming increasingly obvious that event he Republican base is abandoning the mission in Afghanistan. Last week, The Washington Post 55% of Republican and Republican leaning Independents want out of Afghanistan ASAP.

The Pew Poll was taken before the latest American scandal coming out of Afghanistan where American soldiers were taking pictures of themselves with the body parts from exploded suicide bombers. Add this to the Koran burnings, civilian shootings and YouTube video of solider urinating on dead Taliban soldiers and it is expected that support for the War effort may drop even further.