Philadelphia Phillies Trade Rumors: Ben Revere Trade Agreed To, Angels Back Out At Last Minute

Philadelphia Phillies trade rumors reveal a Ben Revere deal was in place. The Phillies trade involved the Los Angeles Angels, with Revere going to LA in exchange for Double-A pitcher Trevor Gott. A report from the Boston Globe suggests the teams were ready to make the deal when the Angels pulled out at the last minute. The Angels apparently felt the need to keep Gott in the organization and offered a different starting pitching prospect. This caused the Phillies to end the negotiations.

It’s interesting that the Angels would do something like that, but it’s a story that the front office hasn’t commented on yet. There could be another side to these Philadelphia Phillies trade rumors that hasn’t been revealed yet. As it stands, though, the team looks to be in a bad light with this negotiating practice. It’s almost as though the team thought it would take that much to get Revere and then decided it was either too high a price or that the front office had lost interest.

Ben Revere is putting together a decent season for the Phillies, posting a .291 batting average through the first 80 games. He is 90 for 309 at the plate, with 19 extra base hits, 21 RBIs, 19 stolen bases, and 43 runs scored. Revere has also played all three outfield positions, showing just what an asset he could be to another club. At just 27 years old, it’s very clear that he isn’t going to lose that speed in the next few years either.

As far as his contract goes, Revere is in just his second arbitration season, so a team would be trading for more than just the rest of the 2015 campaign. He could easily step into a new team as the leadoff hitter, possibly making a team like the Seattle Mariners much better on offense. It’s unclear what the Mariners would have to give up to make the deal, but adding a hitter who bats nearly .300 for the season could be a huge improvement. It’s actually surprising that the Phillies and Mariners haven’t been linked in more trade rumors.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Ben Revere isn’t the only veteran players that the team is trying to deal. In various other Philadelphia Phillies trade rumors, closer Jonathan Papelbon and ace starting pitcher Cole Hamels have also come up a lot. The front office appears to be frozen in place, which could certainly come back to hurt the struggling club if they don’t attain some younger assets soon.

[Image Source: Rich Schultz/Getty Images]