George A. Smith, Jennifer Hagel: CBS '48 Hours' To Re-Air Deadly Honeymoon Cruise Ship Case, Family Still Seeking Answers

The disappearance of George A. Smith, the man who vanished aboard a cruise ship just after his honeymoon, is the subject of the next 48 Hours. CBS's 48 Hours is a weekly news magazine that strives to bring you good stories every week. The case of George A Smith, also known as George Allen Smith, has baffled detectives and the victim's family for years.

The George Smith disappearance made headline news in 2005, after George's newlywed bride, Jennifer Hagel-Smith, reported him missing. For years, people assumed that Jennifer Hagel had everything to do with his disappearance. A few years later, suspicion fell on two Russian men who were accused of drugging Jennifer Hagel and killing George Smith before throwing him off the ship. Since that time no one has been arrested in the case. George Smith's family members believe that he was murdered and thrown overboard.

Jennifer Hagel and George Smith's courtship and wedding was like something straight out of a fairytale. Just after the wedding ceremony, the happy couple boarded the Royal Caribbean and was seen partying and drinking with two Russian men. At some time during the early morning hours, Jennifer Hagel-Smith, who had passed out on the ship, discovered that her husband was not in their honeymoon suite. As word of his disappearance spread, cruise ship members searched frantically for the missing man but to no avail. Jennifer Hagel-Smith ended up leaving the ship without her husband.

The case has been the subject of several TV crime documentaries and talk shows. Experts have also weighed in on the case with different theories. Tonight's 48 Hours will share any available updates in the case. After all these years, George Smith's family wants answers, with the hope that this re-airing of the show will lead to new information. The movie Deadly Honeymoon, which premiered on Lifetime Movie Network (LMN) in 2010, is based on the George Smith case. George Smith's body has never been found.

On 48 Hours Facebook page, viewers express what they believe may have happened to the groom.

"I remember wen this happened. Someone got away with Murder."

"I always thought his new wife had something to do with it."

"watched this episode (again) last night. I think those Russian guys know more than they're tellingLove the show."

"Think the Russians killed George."

"That's right!!! Cough up the info!!! There's a substantial reward!!! Someone knows something!!!"

Here's the tease for this week's 48 Hours entitled "Murder at Sea."
"Devastated after the FBI bows out of the case, the family of missing cruise ship honeymooner George Smith vows to fight for answers. Could you help solve the case of a newlywed missing 10 years? His family offers a $100,000 reward. 48 Hours has the update Saturday, 10/9c."
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