‘Big Brother 17’ Spoilers: New ‘BB17’ HOH Has Shocking Nominee For Eviction In Fresh Spoilers From Saturday Night (July 4)

Big Brother 17 spoilers have Shelli Poole making a risky move. The BB17 house will have Meg Maley as one of the nominees for eviction now. The shocking move is a calculated decision by Shelli, who wants the other nominee go home. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Shelli Poole is the solo Head of Household after Becky Burgess was removed from power. This left John McGuire and Da’Vonne Rogers as the Week 2 nominees for eviction. When John won the Week 2 Veto competition, it forced Shelli to come up with a replacement nominee. In a report from Big Brother fan site Jokers Updates Shelli has officially decided to nominate Meg Maley for eviction.

There had been other Big Brother 17 spoilers that had Shelli leaning toward nominating Liz Nolan for eviction (she is half of the Twin Twist), but Liz and Julia did a great job of convincing Shelli not to do that. As she scrambled to figure out who to put up on the block instead of John, a new alliance started really taking hold. That alliance consists of Austin Matelson, Liz Nolan, Vanessa Rousso, and Shelli Poole. That group has quite a few smaller alliances with other people, but could become very strong within the BB17 house.

A lot of new information has been coming out on the live feeds over the past 48 hours due to the producers basically pressing the fastforward button in the BB17 house. To get key moments and competitions filmed before employees headed out on holiday vacations over the weekend, they had the nominations late Thursday night (July 2), followed quickly by the Battle of the Block competition and then the Veto competition. The only two things left to cover from Week 2 in the house are the Veto ceremony and then the second eviction episode of the season. This is why the Big Brother 17 spoilers have been coming out fast and furiously.

Before the weekend comes to an end, the Week 2 Veto ceremony may have taken place, unless producers push it back to the regular schedule of doing it Monday night (July 6). Either way, it appears very clear that John McGuire will save himself, and that Shelli Poole is going to select Meg Maley as the replacement nominee. What will be very interesting is to see how the “Last Laugh” twist from Kathy Griffin plays out. As she talked about on the show the seventh person to answer a phone placed in the BB17 house will get to nullify the votes of three other houseguests in Week 2. Future Big Brother 17 spoilers will include who got that secret power, as well as whether it is Da’Vonne Rogers of Meg Maley leaving the house next.

[Image Source: CBS Big Brother Press Kit]