Heavenly Joy Jerkins: A Product Of Faith

Early this week, viewers of America’s Got Talent were wowed by the stunning performance of five-year-old Heavenly Joy Jerkins. The energy and great talent she showed while singing and tap dancing touched our hearts and our funny bones, but the real star of the show was Heavenly Joy’s compassionate and faith-filled nature.

Heavenly Joy said if she won a million dollars she would share it with the poor and buy them clothes and other things they needed. A very unselfish notion, to be sure. It was another statement, however, that won Heavenly Joy a spot in the hearts of so many viewers.

Likened to Shirley Temple, Heavenly Joy was asked if she thought Shirley Temple lived inside of her. Without missing a beat, the little girl smiled, and her response was legendary.

“Well, not Shirley Temple. Jesus!”

As her name might suggest, Heavenly Joy is the product of two parents whose lives center around their faith in Jesus. Her mother, singer Joy Enriquez, has recently released an album entitled Hallelujah.

“I wanted songs that rejoice in Him. With all the current events happening in our world today, it’s more evident than ever that our Saviour, Jesus Christ, is soon to return. Even if we’re in pain, we can still praise God, hold our hands up in the air and sing hallelujah. Hallelujah was inspired by God’s promises of His return. Because when He comes back, there won’t be pain or suffering anymore.”

Joy Enriquez’s album is the first release of the new gospel and Christian music group, Lifestyle Music Group. A family affair, the group was started by producer Rodney Jerkins, who also happens to be the husband of Joy, and father to singing sensation Heavenly Joy, as well as Hannah Joy, Rodney, and Royal.

Heavenly Joy’s dad has a very specific idea of what his new endeavor will entail. Lifestyle is a ministry, and ministry is a lifestyle is the group’s motto. Rodney shares his vision of the Lifestyle Music Group’s mission.

“Lifestyle Music Group is not a label. It’s a destination where a community of artists can exist and just be themselves, authentically expressing their God-given gifts without judgment.”

It is easy to see where Heavenly Joy gets her musical talents and soul-deep faith. What do you think Heavenly Joy will do for her next appearance on America’s Got Talent?

[Image via BCK]