New 'Fear The Walking Dead' Teasers - Have The Beautiful Zombies Arrived?

UPDATE: As expected, AMC premiered another promo video for Fear The Walking Dead during Episode 2 of Humans. This promo shows a woman exiting her Honda minivan. After getting something from the back of the van, she slides the door shut and viewers get to see the upper torso of a zombie reflected in the window. This zombie appears to be freshly dead, maybe only a day or two gone and is definitely in the style of zombies we are familiar with seeing in The Walking Dead.

AMC celebrated July 4 by repeat screenings of the movie Independence Day. Eagle-eyed Walking Dead fans may have noticed some brand spanking new teaser videos for AMC's companion zombie program, Fear The Walking Dead slotted in among the screenings.

So far, two new videos have appeared, both showing definite zombies this time, unlike the possible zombie who could have just as likely been a slow moving human decoy in one of the last teaser videos.

In the first trailer, we find a woman floating in her pool. The woman is relaxing on her inflatable raft. She is carefree as she enjoys the water - but not for long. As the camera pans down, viewers can see the far end of the pool deck where a zombie is shuffling into view.

The second video shows kids in a skateboard park. Once again, everyone looks carefree and are having fun. Until, at the very end of the clip, some zombie feet lurch into view before pausing; like they are deciding which person to snack on first.

Fear The Walking Dead is the companion series to The Walking Dead and will premiere in August on AMC. It is anticipated AMC will announce the start date at next week's San Diego Comic Con when the Fear The Walking Dead panel appears on Saturday July 11, 2015. It is also likely fans will get their first extended trailer sneak peek video into this new zombie program. You can find out more details about the Fear The Walking Dead appearance here.

Fans are now hoping, with the lead up to San Diego Comic Con and Fear The Walking Dead's premiere date, AMC will screen even more teaser videos during tonight's screening of Episode 2 of Humans. As yet, none of these teaser videos have turned up on AMC's official Fear The Walking Dead website. However, as soon as they do, you can bet we will post them here for you to see!

Fear The Walking Dead will focus on a blended family in LA. Madison (Kim Dickens) is a school guidance counselor. Her partner, Travis is played by Cliff Curtis. Madison has two children. Alicia (played by Alycia Debnam-Carey) is billed as the perfect child while Nick (Frank Dillane) has all sorts of problems, the least of them, what ever he was running from in this teaser video. Showrunner, Dave Erickson is billing Fear The Walking Dead as a family drama rather than a horror splatter-fest.

"What that allowed us to do in the pilot and Season 1 is establish our core family, establish the problems and the conflicts that they have, and really let that be the initial world that we live in."
Are you looking forward to AMC's Fear The Walking Dead when it premieres in August? What do you think of the latest teaser videos? Will you be watching Humans hoping to catch another sneak peek into AMC's new zombie show? Let us know by commenting below!

[Image credit: AMC]