Eva Longoria Bikini: 40 & Fabulous, Actress Shares Slim Secrets Of Staying Fit [Video]

Eva Longoria dared to wear a bikini at 40. Celebrating her Fourth of July in Spain, Eva is also baring the reasons why she has no fear of aging, reported Us Weekly.

It’s clear that Longoria is enjoying every aspect of getting older and wiser. Part of that has become her ability to give back in the form of her own foundation. Eva’s visit to Spain was also to host the Global Gift Gala.

Longoria took some time out, however, to bask on that beach in her bikni. The actress emphasized in a recent interview that achieving 40 is a major milestone to be celebrated, rather than a misery.

“Fourth level. 40! I actually feel better,” declared Longoria. “I’ve never been in better shape in my life. I’ve never been happier in my life. I love where I’m at emotionally and spiritually, so for me, I’m like so happy.”

The actress will be flaunting that bikini body in a new comedy for NBC called Telenovela. In addition to starring Eva, the show will feature Amaury Nolasco, Jencarlos Canela, and Diana Maria Riva, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

Longoria will play the role of Ana Maria, a woman who stars in the most popular telenovela in Latin America. The comedy will take viewers behind the scenes as well as showcase the drama.

Eva’s new show will be headed up by Cougar Town co-executive producers Chrissy Pietrosh and Jessica Goldstein.

As to how Longoria maintains that bikini body at 40, she credits a low-carb diet, as the Inquisitr reported.

She even showed Jimmy Kimmel how to make low-carb eggs, below.

Eva is a believer in keeping it simple when it comes to focusing on protein and veggies. And when she needs to lose weight, Longoria revealed that she cuts out all sugar and starchy carbohydrates such as bread and pasta.

“I’m definitely a moderation girl, but sometimes I won’t eat sugar for three months. I’ll cut out all sugar and simple carbs that turn into sugar—rice, pasta, bread. I’m not a big carb person anyway, so it’s not that hard. I actually love fish and vegetables,” she exclaimed.

In addition, Eva burns off the calories by running. Longoria pointed out that she can easily maintain her bikini body at 40 without a gym by just jogging anywhere in the world, reported E News.

“I’m a runner. I don’t need a gym, I’ll go run anywhere. I was in Australia, Budapest and Paris…In Australia and I went running around the botanical gardens and when I got to Paris I ran around the Eiffel tower,” revealed Eva.

And when it comes to combining fun with fitness, Longoria regards it as the best.

“It’s truly one of the best forms of exercising and the best thing to do while traveling because you get to sight-seeing and as I’m running I was really standing under the Eiffel tower at seven in the morning going ‘this is so cool!'”

[Photo by Samir Hussein/Getty Images for Johnnie Walker Blue Label]