Kim Kardashian And North West Struggle Over Ridiculous Outfit, Kim Gives In

Kim Kardashian and North West engaged in a time-old struggle between parent and child — when to steer your kids away from ridiculous outfit choices and when to just let it go.

Kim shared an Instagram picture of her daughter wearing a Minnie Mouse helmet, giant flower-print umbrella, and a brightly colored backpack. North seemed quite upset at her mom’s disapproval of the outfit.

But Kim and North seemingly resolved the struggle. As Kim’s next post showed, she was able to convince her daughter to alter the outfit — or at least one small part of it.

This isn’t the first time that Kim Kardashian and North West had a fashion-related battle. Earlier this year the toddler had two epic meltdowns during New York Fashion week, including at her father’s Adidas show.

This time, instead of generating a cute moment on Instagram, the toddler stoked controversy among some of fashion’s elite. Vogue editor Anna Wintour was seated next to Kim and North at one of the shows and was reportedly quite upset at the tantrum.

“Anna doesn’t think fashion shows are appropriate for very young children such as North West,” an industry insider told Radar Online. “The loud music, the lights from the show, along with flashes from all of the cameras, and of course, all of the people is just overwhelming to a toddler. Anna never would have brought her now-adult children to fashion shows when they were young.”

Kim didn’t seem to see the big deal and even posted about her daughter’s tantrum.

Best pic, AHAHAHAH. North got a little fussy waiting for Daddy’s Show to start!!! We took her backstage for a snack right after this but just had to share…love the patience of @beyonce #AnnaWintour @kimkardashian #NYFW #YeezySeason #mommymoment.

But even Anna admitted that there was a good side to bringing the cute toddler to the show.

“However, Anna does think Kimye is absolutely genius in creating buzz,” the source told Radar Online. “Bringing North to Alexander Wang’s fashion show resulted in everyone talking about her, and not the clothes. Wherever Kim and Kanye go, it becomes all about them. Just look at the Grammys: Kanye just makes a 30 second crash appearance on stage, and everyone is talking about it for the next week!”

But it seems her criticism got through to the West family. This time Kim and Nori kept their struggle at home rather than letting it play out in front of the whole fashion world.

[Image via Instagram]