One Direction Quiz: 2015 1D Psychic Predictions That Have Come True

One Direction fans who love quizzes about the band, take note because there are some pieces of 1D trivia being written every day — and some of it is by psychics.

As far as One Direction quizzes go, many ask fans if Liam Payne has ever been to Disneyland or Niall Horan’s middle name. Few, if any, cover One Direction predictions — and there are a lot of 1D fortune tellers out there.

Lately, One Direction trivia is being reviewed by the media because they are talking about 1D being 100 days Zayn Malik-free. However, was this One Direction breakup predicted — and have other One Direction 2015 predictions come true?

A common theme among writers at the beginning of each year is to give their predictions about what will be the big headlines in the coming months — and One Direction is a common topic. Although some online magazines take a playful approach to One Direction predictions and focus on their style, others are from actual psychics.

For instance, on January 6, 2011, One Direction got one of their first psychic predictions (and it came true).

The Guardian states that psychic Derek Acorah got the following information via “the spirit world regarding One Direction.”

“Of all the boy bands coming through, I think they’ve got a good chance.”

For example, the Sun celebrity columnist Katie Hopkins predicted at the end of 2014, “Young people will get sick of morons. The only cure for the Cyrus virus, One Direction infection and Bieber fever will be to completely ignore the idiots and love real people with real talent.”

Along those lines, one long-term prediction from the media comes from Perez Hilton, who stated in 2012 that “One Direction will break up in a few years.” In fact, a few years later, in 2015, Zayn Malik did quit One Direction — but they did not exactly break up.

Perez Hilton’s 2012 prediction was only partially correct, but are there other predictions that have already come true in 2015?

On January 3, Metro wrote about One Direction that Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards would break up, Louis and Eleanor will get pregnant, Liam will get engaged to Sophia and move to NYC — and “Zayn Malik will take a break.”

In their prediction (which turned out to be correct), Metro says, “Think Nathan from The Wanted but without the throat surgery. Let’s face it, he’s looked totally uninterested for yonks. Simon Cowell obviously won’t let him quit so maybe he’ll just take a little breather instead.”

As it appears, Metro may have been basing their opinion not on psychic intuition, but previous statements made by Simon Cowell.

The Daily Star posted an interview with Simon Cowell on August 19, 2014, where he says about One Direction, “Bands don’t stay together forever. I think they will make at least two more albums together and they are in the middle of one right now.”

But what about One Direction predictions by real psychics specifically for 2015?

Unfortunately, one One Direction psychic prediction that came true for 2015 is a bit vague. NewsThump printed a story on March 26 that claimed, “In Nostradamus’ 1555 manuscript Les Propheties, the French apothecary refers a ‘the dark-haired one leaving the all-conquering five piece.'”

Although the Nostradamus prediction about One Direction is questionable, others are direct. Celebrity psychic, Christian Dion, stated the following on December 8, 2014.

“2015 is the beginning of the end for the boy band. The real problem behind this isn’t Harry Styles. Although he’ll get the blame.”

Keep in mind, fans still have six more months to see if other One Direction predictions come true. For instance, Metro still has their hopes up that One Direction “will announce their fifth album is their last.”

Also still in the works are predictions made by psychic Dean Maynard for Heat Magazine in January 2015.

About One Direction, Dean Maynard predicted for 2015, “I think Harry Styles and Emma Watson will be together by the end of 2015.”

Alternatively, psychic Tamara Trusseau predicts that Harry Styles and Taylor Swift will reunite by the end of 2015.

Finally, one One Direction prediction made by Psychic Nikki for 2015 (that no one wants to come true) is “One Direction has to be careful of a crazed fan.”

As far as One Direction predictions that will take a long time pan out, EQ View takes the cake.

On April 10, 2015, they stated that, “The One Direction Reunion Tour will kick off in Stockholm on 4th November, 2025, with tickets going on sale five months before.”

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