ISIS Execution Video: More Than 25 Soldiers Executed By Children [Video]

There is a new and reportedly shocking video showing young ISIS members executing more than 25 soldiers that is causing a stir online. In the version of the video that has been uploaded to the Daily Mail, the actual execution is not shown, but those who’ve reportedly watched it call it “gruesome.”

The Daily Mail has certain screenshots of the new ISIS execution video that took place in Palmyra. The Syrian desert location was the locale where children who appeared to be 13- and 14-year-olds were forced to kill at least 25 soldiers.

As reported by the Inquisitr, ISIS has forced children to fight in cages. Other atrocities committed by the terrorist organization ISIS reportedly include 3,000 executions.

The actual ISIS fighters are in the background in the newly released video, sporting militia-type of gear. The crowd waits for the killing to begin as the so-called “caliphate cubs” — children recruited as killers for ISIS — eventually deliver gunshots to the heads of the 25 or more soldiers.

One user’s reaction on YouTube (be warned there’s plenty of cursing in this review of the ISIS execution video) calls the ISIS execution video gruesome. They consider passing a link to their users, however, the Google Hangouts footage user says that the ISIS execution video is very graphic. The users also debate if the ISIS execution video is real or fake. They debate whether the ISIS video footage contains fake blood or not — and reports seeing footage of a village being blown up.

The telltale 301+ views on that YouTube video titled “ISIS SYRIA EXECUTION VIDEO “ISIS release new Syria video ‘mass murder’ Syria’s Palmyra new ISIS” prove that the video is indeed a popular one. In the YouTube user reaction video, the user describes a website where the ISIS execution video can be seen — along with citing Twitter as a source for viewing the video.

[Image via ISIS]