'Breaking Bad' Myths Are To Be Checked by Mythbusters

Breaking Bad certainly left us wondering about a lot of things, both legal and not so legal, and Mythbusters, due to return in just a few weeks, are going to check if some of them are true. Before you start wondering, no, the show's hosts aren't going to cook meth – instead they are interested in whether there are any breaks from reality in Breaking Bad's finale.

According to Cinema Blend, they are going to pay special interest to one possible weapon-related myth.

"They also make reference to Breaking Bad in the trailer voiceover, as well as with appearances from creator Vince Gilligan and star Jonathan Banks. We do not expect them to attempt to produce meth on the show. They'll be taking on the reality behind the remote controlled machine gun in the car trunk seen in the Breaking Bad series finale."

The show's fans are going to see all this in Mythbusters second episode.

It seems the show that provided an inside look into the lives of meth dealers simply refuses to leave the minds and hearts of its fans, despite having come to a complete and undisputed end two years ago. After all, Mythbusters are not the only ones who brought it back recently. According to the Inquisitr, Sony, the rights holder to the television series, has recently filed a trademark at the Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market database in Europe for the title of the show to apply to codes that usually mean video games or other types of interactive entertainment.

"Sony Pictures Television, Inc. copyrighted a product called 'Breaking Bad' with very vague terms, a tactic often used by Sony to protect proprietary information regarding unannounced production of its Playstation line".

However, for those who hope to see their favorite characters in an AAA title for PlayStation 4 gaming console, it is probably a bit early to get their hopes up. The reason is simple – Sony may be merely securing their rights to the trademark to protect themselves from patent trolls, with plans for a game being very long-term ones. Or they may have a slot-machine or something else of this kind in the works – popular television shows are often used as a basis for them.

However, all this sudden fuss around the Breaking Bad name shows that both fans and its creators still remember it – and it is likely that it is not the last we hear of it.

[Photo by Steve Jennings/Getty Images for DJI]