Kevin Sorbo Trolls ‘The PC Crowd’ With Confederate Flag, ‘Dukes Of Hazzard’ Rant

Kevin Sorbo, the former Hercules star, has joined the raging debate over political correctness in the wake of comments by Jerry Seinfeld and the recent decision to ban Dukes of Hazzard from TV Land for its depiction of the Confederate Flag on top of the “General Lee.”

Sorbo, an unapologetic conservative, was flabbergasted by the decision to pull Dukes and felt that it was officially a sign that we’d gone too far as a society with political correctness.

On his Facebook page — which is a frequent breeding ground for these trolling efforts — he went on the attack.

“Hey PC crowd! You guys are nuts! Insane! Crazy! Banning The Dukes of Hazard [sic]? Really? The Confederate Flag on the car? When does this stop? Then get rid of Hogan’s Hero’s [sic], The Jeffersons, All in the Family, etc. The list goes on. Chocolate is racist then. So are marshmallow’s [sic]. I am offended by everything should be the Lefts [sic] slogan.”

“By the way, we should ban the American Flag. It represents the pillage of Native Americans. Also Washington, DC??? What. George Washington owned slaves! So we need to change the name there, too.”

Kevin Sorbo was not alone in his disdain for the rise of political correctness, with numerous comments and more than 5,500 shares as of this post.

Most of the commenters were largely supportive.

“If we’re banning everything that reminds us of slavery, then we should ban the Democratic Party since they represented it and tried to preserve it,” wrote David Meadows.

Donna Andrews agreed.

“Now they’re pulling re-runs of The Dukes of Hazzard because of the General Lee and a symbol of ‘hatred and oppression’ that offends some people? If it offends you… don’t watch it. That doesn’t mean that nobody should be able to watch it. (This is America, still, right?) By that reasoning every movie and show about World War II should be pulled if it shows the Nazi swastika… there are thousands of people to whom that is a symbol of not only hatred and oppression and forced labor, but of the death of untold numbers of innocent men, women and children. So no showing of all the classic war movies, no Indiana Jones Raiders of the Lost Ark, and on and on? Be reasonable.”

Some detractors pointed out that the logic does not follow because in one sense, the Confederate Flag is presented in a positive light (Dukes), while in all the examples mentioned, the Nazi Flag (Raiders, Hogan’s) is shown in a purely negative and villainous light.

If Boss Hog, for instance, would have had a Confederate Flag on his car and the Duke boys would have had a Union flag or no flag at all, then Dukes probably wouldn’t have been pulled because the proper perception would have been given to the flag.

But what do you think, readers? Do Kevin Sorbo and his fans have a point? Sound off in the comments section.

[Image of Kevin Sorbo via Facebook, linked above]