Newt Gingrich Won’t Drop Out, Secret Service Costing Taxpayers $44,000 Per Day

Talk about wasteful spending, not only will Newt Gingrich refuse to drop out of the GOP primary which he can no longer statistically win but the Republican lawmaker has also refused to give up his Secret Service detail which is costing taxpayers $44,000 per day to support.

Gingrich became one of the first GOP nominees for President to request Secret Service protection in February, a request that was granted in early March.

Speaking to The Daily Caller a source close to the security detail says Gingrich has at least three security personnel with him each day and sometimes “many more.” According to that same source:

“Others on the campaign told me that some of the Secret Service members were even saying it was a waste of time and that he shouldn’t have it. Staff members thought it was ridiculous too, and just another example of Newt’s arrogance and self-importance.”

In comparison Sen. John McCain didn’t request his Secret Service detail until late April 2008, months after he was considered the presumptive candidate.

When asked by one government waste group to drop his Secret Service detail spokesman R.C. Hammond said:

“Last time I checked, tax experts are not safety experts. And safety experts are not tax experts.”

Hammond then goes on to claim the process is all about allowing politicians to go about an election period without any harm, thus protecting the voting system and fairness in politics throughout the United States.

In the meantime the Newt Gingrich campaign will not point to a single threat Newt Gingrich has received, simply saying they “don’t comment on threats” received against their candidate.

In the meantime the Department of Homeland Security and the Congressional committee that oversee Secret Service protection approvals for candidates will not return phone calls or emails regarding Newt Gingrich’s Secret Service detail.