Fans Pay Homage To ‘GTA V’ With Lego Turismo Car And Females ‘GTA’-Style

Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V) continues to dominate the gaming and online community and fans the world over express their appreciation and love for the game through various arts and crafts that will definitely sweep fellow GTA V fans off their feet.

The Rockstar Social Club website for GTA V featured recently some of the most inspiring GTA homages created by fans and at the top of the list is the reinvention of one of the most famous vehicles in GTA, the Turismo R.

The GTA Turismo R is a sexy and powerful GTA V favorite that looks best in black and red. While many GTA V players have previously expressed their love for the Turismo R, a GTA V player and Reddit user decides to express his love for the Turismo by creating a Lego version of the famous car. While it’s not a huge feat to replicate the Turismo via Lego blocks, what’s interesting with this Lego rendition is that it actually opens like the real Turismo R in GTA V. The Lego Turismo R has functional doors and a convertible back like the one in GTA V.

Created by C_12, he says that he has used up all his red Lego bricks to recreate a nearly perfect replica of the GTA Turismo R.

“The Turismo R is without a doubt my favourite car in the game. I loved it so much, that I decided to build a Lego replica as best I could…”

The Turismo brand is one of the most famous cars in the whole GTA franchise, a certified race and ladies winner both in previous and newer GTA titles. Although it is only in GTA V that the brand appears with a convertible back.

Another interesting creation by GTA V fans are the femme fatale artworks showcased by Rockstar in their Twitter and Instagram pages. It could be quite a frustration for GTA V players to not have female characters in the game and so fans decided to release steam by creating their own female characters, GTA style.

Posted at DeviantART, these fierce female portraits are exactly how lady gangsters should appear in GTA, hopefully, in upcoming titles. Below are samples from a series of fierce-looking females done with the usual GTA angst art style created by DeviantARTist GoodwinGoodwin.

Femme fatale by GoodwinGoodwin
Femme fatale by GoodwinGoodwin

Other female sketches were also showcased by Rockstar at their Instagram page.

More fan artworks for GTA V could be found around Rockstar’s social media platforms and news wire page and fans are encouraged to submit their works to Rockstar for more GTA V fans to see and appreciate.

[Images via Rockstar News Wire]