Mysterious Crop Circles Spotted In Wiltshire, Near Stonehenge [Video]

Aerial images captured by a drone have revealed two new intricate crop patterns near the famous Stonehenge, the prehistoric site in the English county of Wiltshire, consisting of an enigmatic circular formation of erect stones within an earthwork.

A group called MrGyro, which uses drones to search for and investigate crop circles, announced the discovery on its website.

Although, the phenomenon of crop circles is shrouded in mystery and many mundane theories have been suggested to explain them, members of the alien and UFO community believe firmly that crop circles are created by aliens for purposes such as spacecraft landing pads.

The MrGyro team, however, suggests reasons to believe that the new crop circles were not created by extraterrestrials or aliens. One of the reasons to believe that they are man-made, according to MrGyro, is that the lines are crooked or “wonky.”

“Firstly, if the aliens were able to travel all the way to Southern England and felt inclined to leave us a message in the form of a crop circle, you’d think that they would be able to keep the straight lines of the formation, well, straight.”

While one might wonder why “wonky” lines necessarily imply that the Wiltshire crop circles are man-made, MrGyro concludes, based on the evidence of “wonky” lines, that the “designs were produced by men.”

“[The designs were produced by] very talented men with interesting design ideas that translate very well into pleasing crop circles that people enjoy photographing and analyzing. We think that these men work very closely with a crop circle photographer with the aim of delivering designs as and when they are required.”

MrGyro’s conclusion will be considered rank heresy by those who believe that crop circles or patterns are of alien origin. But the view that crop circles are man-made was strengthened when Doug Bower and David Chorley claimed in 1991 that they were responsible for many reported crop formations in the U.K. before 1991.

But some believers in the alien origin theory have argued that crop circles of terrestrial and extraterrestrial origin may be distinguished by the artistic quality and technical precision of the pattern.

An enthusiast, Michael Glickman, once told the Telegraph, “The hoaxers are the most constant con tricksters and liars in the world. They are out fundamentally to deceive; we are out fundamentally to tell the truth. Hoaxers have never made a circle of quality. We’ve seen what they can do and it’s crummy. It’s the difference between a five-star meal in Lyons and a Big Mac.”

For instance, some mathematicians claimed that a formation that appeared at Wilton Windmill, Wiltshire, some years ago, appeared to encode the Euler Identity, often described as the “most beautiful equation of mathematics.”

However, scientific investigators dismiss the notion that there are “authentic” crop patterns of extraterrestrial origin, pointing to the fact that hoaxers and pranksters, such as Bower, Chorley, and Matt Ridley, have demonstrated in the past simple methods for creating complex and precise patterns.

Other scientific investigators have suggested that some exceptional patterns were created by meteorological agents, such as tornadoes and ball lightning.

[Image: YouTube/MyGyro]