NYPD Cop Gets Into Street Fight Boxing Match With Suspect [Viral Video]

An NYPD plainclothes officer got into a boxing match with a non-compliant suspect in Harlem, resulting in both men apparently exchanging blows to the face.

Now subject to an internal police investigation, the boxing brawl was captured on cell phone video (NSFW for language), with the filmmaker repeatedly calling "BS" on what he considered an unreasonable stop, declaring again and again that "I got everything on camera." The video of the disputed arrest was originally uploaded to LiveLeak.

The confrontation in the Big Apple on Wednesday in which the cop and his adversary ultimately put up their dukes was prompted by the officer and his partner spotting the man allegedly carrying a knife "in plain sight," the New York Post claimed.

The suspect is identified by multiple media outlets as Saykou George. As portrayed in the video below, backup uniformed officers quickly showed up to subdue George and take him into custody. The suspect supposedly had two outstanding warrants.

Flowing from this incident, George now reportedly faces charges of felony assault, resisting arrest, and possession of a knife worn outside of clothing.

"The 30-year-old George is seen in the video getting his wallet out for police, but within seconds, it escalated to pushing and shoving as George tried to walk away after the officer took his license and got out his handcuffs. The officer punched George while his female partner called for backup, then the men seemingly started boxing, circling one another and throwing punches," ABC News explained.

It was a good bust, according to Police Commissioner Bill Bratton.

"You have no right, no right under New York law, to resist arrest, which was going on, based on what I'm seeing in that video. The Internal Affairs group will now be reviewing the video, as we always do. But in my preliminary review of that, I saw nothing inappropriate with the officers."
"We will look at the partner, what she was doing during this process, and the responding officers, as we always do," Bratton added.
George's friend, with whom he was returning from a pizza parlor, and who recorded the encounter, insisted, however, that "[t]he cops instigated the whole situation. We weren't arguing, we weren't fighting, we were just walking home. There was no reason for them to stop us." He described the knife in question as merely a penknife.

Based on the available information, and setting aside for a moment whether the NYPD officer used appropriate force in getting into a boxing match, do you think that cops had probable cause to detain the man in Harlem in the first place? In the alternative, do you believe that suspects generally are becoming more combative with police during routine stops?

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