44% Of Teens Can Easily Obtain Handguns [Study]

Obtaining a gun is easy for at least 44% of the teenage population according to a recent study released by the Uhlich Children’s Advantage Network (UCAN), an organization based out of Chicago, Il.

In the survey the group polled various young people at shopping hot spots including the Nike store and Abercrombie and Fitch. The nationwide survey included 600 teens and along with realizing how easy it is to obtain a weapon the study also found that 33% of teens polls knew someone who has been shot.

The study also found that a type of “mean world” syndrome was at play with 37 percent of respondents worried that they might be shot during their lifetime.

UCAN’s Tom Vanden Berk tells Chicago public radio station 91.5 WBEZ that helping these teens requires an active ear:

“Our job isn’t just to tell them what to do. It’s to listen to what their needs are then how can we fulfill it?” says Vanden Berk.

During the study 13 students admitted that at least one person was killed at their school in the last year because of gun violence, that number is equivalent to nearly 1 out of every 40 respondents

The poll also found that 50% of teens believe America would be a much safer place to live if handguns were banned, although one third of teens questioned said they should be allowed to carry loaded handguns in public places.

The study is hardly conclusive with such a small number of teens and a limited demographic being studies but it does show that teens are at least aware of gun issues that surround them every single day.