Judge Recognizes Classmate: Being On The Opposite Side Of The Law Makes A Hardened Convict Weep Like A Child

When a judge recognized her classmate appear before her as felon, the reunion was certainly not what both had hoped, but it sure had a powerful impact on the latter.

A judge in a county court merely affirmed if the felon who was about to be processed had attended the same school she did. The emotional jolt was simply unbearable for her classmate, who broke down and wept like a child while standing in the witness box. It was certainly a very emotional reunion, but the setting was quite odd, and the fact that the two were on the opposite side of the law made it even more so.

The felon, identified as Arthur Booth, facing charges for burglary, grand theft, and resisting arrest, was brought before Miami-Dade County Court Judge Mindy Glazer via a remote video feed. Booth stood before Glazer in a standard prison-issue orange jumpsuit, completely unaware that the judge was his classmate. However, Judge Glazer’s smile betrayed her emotions, and it was quite evident she had recognized Booth as her former classmate.

Glazer and Booth had both attended Nautilus Middle School. However, while Glazer became a respected Judge, Booth took a completely opposite route. In fact, he was at a video bond hearing Tuesday after getting pinched by the law the previous day. Evidently Booth had quite a rap sheet and was charged with several crimes in connection with a Hialeah break-in.

Standing like a hardened felon, Booth had no idea the judge had recognized him as her classmate. However, a single question from the Judge about his schooling and Booth shared her knowledge about their past. As soon as the judge asked Booth if he had attended Nautilus Middle School, he recognized his classmate and broke down. “Oh my goodness, oh my goodness” was all Booth managed to utter in between sobs.

The judge had only nice things to say about her former classmate.

“This was the nicest kid in middle school. He was the best kid in middle school. I used to play football with him, all the kids, and look what has happened.”

Before the video cuts off, the Judge hoped that Booth would get his life back on track,

“Good luck to you sir. I hope you are able to come out of this ok and just lead a lawful life.”

Despite having recognized her former classmate, when it came to the law, it was all business. Judge Glazer set Booth’s bond at $44,000.

[Image Credit | YouTube Screen Grab]