LA Lakers Rumors: Nobody Wants To Play With Kobe Bryant

LA Lakers rumors haven’t been positive this NBA offseason. New Lakers rumors suggest Kobe Bryant might even be to blame for the situation. A report from Forbes suggests that the problem for the franchise is that nobody wants to play with Bryant. It’s a tough situation for any team to be in, as the star player reaches an age where he is doing more harm than good for the team. Bryant is likely heading straight for the Basketball Hall of Fame when he retires, but it has been a while since he could hit his jump shot with any consistency in games.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the team pushed hard to sign free agent LaMarcus Aldridge, but he won’t be signing with the Lakers. Aldridge, despite two separate meetings in Los Angeles, has stated he will likely sign with the San Antonio Spurs, Phoenix Suns, or Portland Trail Blazers. Those are three franchises that have strong rosters and the capability to make a postseason run immediately. The problem in Los Angeles is that the team is starting a rebuilding process, but hasn’t done anything about the $25 million salary Bryant will be paid.

So, what is a team supposed to do when it’s superstar player has basically lost his draw? LA Lakers rumors have indicated that Kobe Bryant is also pushing hard behind the scenes to get the team new talent, including meeting with free agents himself. His sales pitch hasn’t worked so far, as Greg Monroe, DeAndre Jordan, and now LaMarcus Aldridge have spurned the team. So what is a team that has an aging superstar supposed to do? Find some bargain free agents, hope Julius Randle and De’Angelo Russell develop, and try again in free agency during the 2016 NBA offseason.

There are still moves that the Lakers can make, especially when other teams are willing to help. They could make a trade with the Golden State Warriors for David Lee, the front office could take a risk on signing A’mare Stoudemire as a free agent, or they could even overpay someone on a one year contract. The core of the team that went 21-61 during the 2014-15 NBA season is gone, Steve Nash has retired, and Julius Randle is back from injury. There is a lot for Lakers fans to get excited about, but the situation is a huge risk for any free agent that wants an NBA title soon.

There are going to be more LA Lakers rumors and possibly a trade or two before the 2015-16 NBA regular season gets started, but it appears the front office is going to miss out on all the top free agents. Whether that is the fault of Kobe Bryant or not may not matter, as the team still has to find a way to develop its young players for the long-term.

[Image Source: Stephen Dunn/Getty Images]