74 Children Forced To Fight In Cages And Executed By ISIS For ‘Blasphemy’, Including Refusal To Fast

A recent report filed by the UK based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights has revealed startling figures regarding high numbers of executions carried out by terrorist organisation ISIS in the first year of establishing its “caliphate.” With numbers exceeding 3,000 total executions, the report states the organisation have developed a particular interest in the torture and murder of children.

Of the thousands of Arab and Kurdish civilian executions carried out by ISIS, 74 included in the numbers were discovered to have been young children. Many of the murders including beheading, stoning, and being burned alive, however the methods with which ISIS targeted children appeared altogether more insidious.

The report detailed two incidents earlier this month in which children were nailed to boards and crucified for refusing to fast during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan. However, the violence enacted on minors by the group has increased over the past 12 months, as ISIS release recordings of children captured and forced to fight in cages, as well as undertaking intense military training.

Child Military Training
Child Military Training

ISIS claim the attacks on minors to be punishment for crimes including blasphemy and spying, as well as sorcery, sodomy, and practicing as a Shia Muslim.

The sickening reality of violence towards children within the ranks of ISIS appears to be the tip of the iceberg as the organization launches recruitment scheme “cubs of the caliphate.” The “cubs” offices set up by ISIS work to target and entice children to join the ranks of the militia upheld by terrorist group, despite the perverse methods of torture and execution displayed.

Researcher with extremism think-tank Quilliam Foundation, Charlie Winter, described the videos released to be an attempt to “drive home the fact they will be around for a while.”

Information regarding the harrowing executions come at a difficult time, with recent acts of terror shaking cities around the globe as ISIS targets Ramadan, a period in which Muslims emphasize the importance of fasting, prayer, and generosity.

A recent beheading in France, as well as bombing of a Shia mosque in Kuwait and gunman attack on coastal retreat in Tunisia have resulted in hundreds of fatalities and causalities, with even more left emotionally racked by the experiences.

The heightened terrorist activity has also resulted on a national high alert for the U.S. over the festive July 4 weekend, with law enforcement preparing for potential attacks across the country. FBI command centers have also been established in a bid to intercept vital intelligence.

[Image credit: Anadolu Agency via Getty Images]