‘Batman: Arkham Knight’ Batgirl DLC Given A Price, Release Date

Batman finds numerous ways to keep himself entertained as he pummels baddies into the ground during the story mode, but he’s left plenty of action for Batgirl — especially since the two will be starring in a prequel.

Rather than have Batman at the fore as he dispatches enemies with ease, Batgirl will be taking the stage, front and center. The DLC takes place before the events of Arkham Knight and sees the Batgirl through multiple missions and, of course, side quests to go along with them.

Batgirl is adept at hacking into systems, but she won’t be the only one present; the press release states that Robin will occasionally lend a hand to get Batgirl out of sticky (or deadly) situations.

Titled “Matter of Family,” the DLC will set you back around nine to 10 American dollars. Considering the amount of content the DLC offers, this one may be worth the price — but if you’ve already scored the season pass for Arkham Knight, you need not worry.

The DLC will be included (and downloaded) without charge to the user, and is one of several projects planned by the geniuses of combat over at Rocksteady, developers of the core franchise.

Warner Bros. Interactive and Rocksteady have kept a tight lip on what other sorts of DLC we can expect in the future, but given the taste we’ve already seen from the developers, Arkham Knight looks to be a fair send-off for the series that made a profound impact on how we play games.

That is, if they manage to fix the PC version in time. Clock’s ticking, Rocksteady.

[Image via Warner Bros. / Rocksteady Games]