YouTube Video From Acne Make-Up Coverage Guru Em Ford Called ‘You Look Disgusting’ Gets 4.17 Million Views [Video]

The new YouTube video titled “You Look Disgusting” from popular YouTube makeup guru Em Ford has gone viral in a big way. Uploaded on July 1, the video from the “My Pale Skin” YouTube channel has received 4,173,187 views and counting.

In the stunning video, the YouTube star eloquently describes without spoken words how the comments she received changed as she went from a bare-faced, acne-ridden woman to a perfectly made-up, seemingly acne-free person. According to the Daily Mail, Em is from London, and with bravery as she bared her face sans makeup to reveal her acne, certain commentators couldn’t see past her acne to her real beauty. They left comments calling her ugly and said that they couldn’t even look at her — with one person oddly wondering in writing if Ford washes her face.

“Three months ago, I began posting images of myself without makeup on social media. The following film contains real comments that were left on images of my face.”

Apparently, the person who commented and charged Em with not washing her face didn’t realize how much acne sufferers do to try and get rid of their acne — including plenty of face washing. Images of the YouTube star on Instagram with no makeup baring her acne and fully made up in striking before and after shots are some of her most popular photos. Ford has garnered more than 11,500 likes on Instagram images such as those and more than 1,000 comments. Some people cheered her on in her acne journey, while others recommended products and medications to try and clear up her acne, like Accutane.

The fact that the “You Look Disgusting” YouTube video has gained so many views in such a short time proves that Ford has hit a chord with folks in terms of social media bullying. Ironically, the mean comments didn’t end once Em put on a full face of makeup. As shown in her viral YouTube video, Ford goes from being called disgusting to beautiful — to stunning and perfect. However, online commentators then begin calling Em gross and claiming she wears too much makeup and is the perpetrator of false advertising. The YouTube star is even called a “damn s**t” and told to respect herself.

Adult acne sucks, writes Em in one of her first Instagram photos posted 22 weeks ago about her condition. In the end, as folks argue in the comments section about whether the YouTube star’s acne is comedogenic or not — and whether wearing makeup exacerbates the problem or not — Ford gets the last laugh and makes the most impact for both acne sufferers and those that don’t suffer from acne.

The barrage of negative comments against the YouTube star turn into ones that feature comments from others who have acne and commiserate with Ford, appreciating all she’s done to prove her bravery and help others along with way. As reported by the Inquisitr, acne sufferers have used LED therapy to try and heal their acne and help them look younger.

[Image via Instagram]