Scott Disick’s Romantic French Getaway About To Go Up In Smoke?

Scott Disick may be enjoying his whirlwind French romance now, but what awaits the self-styled Lord when he returns to Los Angeles?

If you happen to be behind on celebrity gossip, it seems that Lord Disick was spotted on a private yacht cozying up to a beautiful young lady. As previously reported by the Inqusitir, the mystery woman has been identified as Chloe Bartoli, Hollywood celebrity stylist and former girlfriend of Scott Disick. It may be tempting to give Disick the benefit of a doubt, after all, some stories about his wild behavior have been proven false in the past. Then again, the pictures may make even the most forgiving Scott Disick fan cringe. The pictures show Disick and Bartoli cuddling on a lounge chairs which they appear to have pushed together, holding hands, and Disick with his hand on Bartoli’s upper back as she feeds him food from her plate. It might be sweet, were it not for the fact that Scott Disick is already in a relationship with Kourtney Kardashian, the mother of his three children.

This scandal may be hard for Disick to explain away. In fact, there are signs that he shouldn’t even try. At least not with his partner and her sisters.

Around the time news broke of Disick’s romantic French rendezvous, Kourtney Kardashian posted a cryptic photograph to her Instagram account.

Don't mess.

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According to TMZ, Kourtney is sure that Disick is cheating on her with Bartoli, but she’s also concerned that he may have fallen into his old substance abuse habits again. Disick’s long struggle with alcoholism and substance abuse is no secret. Earlier this year, Disick made headlines when he reportedly showed up for a hosting gig in Europe too drunk too perform. The backlash led to a short rehab stint,during which Disick allegedly received Ibogain, a drug meant to help addicts overcome their addiction.

Since his rehab exit, reports on just how sober Disick has been at his usual club appearances have been varied, but mostly suggest that he’s been avoiding alcohol. So why does it look like he’s holding a glass of chilled wine in the Chloe Bartoli photographs?

Whatever goodwill Disick had earned from fans this year seems to have evaporated in the wake of this most recent scandal.

And if Disick hoped that he could recruit Kourtney Kardashian’s sisters to smooth things over, that seems unlikely. Kourtney’s sister and bestie, Khloe Kardashian, made an Instagram post that seems to hint which side she’ll go to if a split happens.

#TBT to the baddest in the game... Then and now. My ace for life @kourtneykardash

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