Baby Drifts Out To Sea: Infant Floats One Mile Offshore As Sunbathing Parents Watch In Horror [Video]

A nail-biting video is making rounds on the internet, and for good reason. It shows dramatic video of a baby drifting far out to sea while her sunbathing parents and onlookers watch in horror. Thankfully, this story has a happy ending.

Friday, the Ilgın family, just like many others, visited the Turkish town of Küçükkuyu. Their plan was to enjoy some sun and surf. Little did they know, the scene of their picturesque vacation turned into a nightmare of epic proportions, citing a New York Daily News report.

The parents tucked Meld, their 10-month-old baby, into a canary yellow flotation device. They sat her into the ocean and began sunbathing nearby. At some point, northern winds increased and the baby drifted slowly out to sea. Meanwhile, the parents were unaware their tot was in danger.

After someone noticed the child floating away, beach goers began efforts to save the child. The parents assisted, but the prevailing winds were too strong. Before long, the baby was a football field away, bobbing up and down in the crystal-blue surf. In short order, the Coast Guard arrived and joined the rescue efforts. Video footage shows them reaching the baby in time. All told, she managed to drift nearly a mile offshore.

Divers retrieved the baby, who appeared unaware and sleepy in some frames. The waves likely made her feel secure, just like she did in mom’s womb. However, the dangers of the baby drifting out to sea were real: sharks and other aquatic animals frequent the waters.

After the heroic rescue of the tiny tot, the jubilant parents reunited with the baby as throngs of people applauded. There is no mention of Turkish officials bringing forth charges. The larger story is a life was saved and a family back together again.

[Photo: YouTube screenshot]