Kenny Chesney: Fan Beaten To Death At Seattle Concert

Leigh Egan

A Seattle man is confirmed dead after getting beaten to death at a Kenny Chesney concert last Saturday. The father of two stopped to buy his two daughters t-shirts, but was attacked while leaving the concert.

New York Daily Times reports that Benito Enriquez, 30, attended the Chesney concert at the CenturyLink Field with friends, but decided to grab his daughters, ages 6 and 8, some souvenir t-shirts before leaving.

A male wearing a white v-neck t-shirt, a trucker cap, and black shorts approached Enriquez shortly after. The pair was seen walking together from the concert, along with a female wearing a red and white striped dress, who may possibly be pregnant.

Enriquez made his way down 5th and South Weller Street, where he was to meet his friends, but he never made it there. A fight ensued and Enriquez was later rushed to the emergency room with critical head injuries. He died in the hospital.

It's still unclear what started the fight, and the suspect is still on the loose. The last surveillance photos of Enriquez shows two t-shirts lying on the ground while the suspect faces him in what appears to be a confrontation. The female stands in between the suspect and Enriquez, but it's still unclear who she is and if she had a role in the altercation.

"My heart is totally destroyed, and it comes together when I hold my grandbabies. I want him to come forward and have a conversation, and turn himself in."
"We were calling him frantically, every couple of minutes."
"He was a great guy. He'd do anything for you. My kids are the exact same age as his kids and those kids are like sisters."
"He was a wonderful father to our children and he will be truly missed."