Matt Damon Rocks A Ponytail Doing Press For ‘The Great Wall,’ The Internet Loves It

Matt Damon has been spotted rocking an amazing ponytail while doing his press tour for his upcoming film The Great Wall, and social media has collectively given the new look a thumbs up, Us Weekly is reporting.

The 44-year-old Damon was in Beijing this week to do a press conference for the new movie — which reportedly cost $150 million to produce — and the media took notice of the ponytail right away.

ET Online writer Jackie Willis thinks that Damon’s ponytail might make a good look for his BFF Ben Affleck post-breakup.

“While we’re used to seeing Damon clean cut, and even sometimes buzzed cut, he’s really pulling off the ponytail! Damon also seems to be digging the new ‘do, given the high spirits he was in at the event. Maybe he can suggest this look as the perfect post-breakup hairstyle for his best friend, Ben Affleck?”

It’s unclear, as of this post, whether or not Matt’s new ponytail is for a movie role — The Great Wall or anything he may be working on, or planning on working on — or whether it’s just a new look he decided to try out.

Regardless, Damon’s fans are loving it.

Even guys are loving Damon’s new look (or it could be just jealous snark).

The movie that got everyone talking about Matt’s ponytail, The Great Wall, also stars Pedro Pascal and Willem Dafoe. Details are scarce, but ET Online reports that it’s a thriller centered on a mystery surrounding the construction of China’s Great Wall. It hits theaters in the U.S. in November 2016.

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[Image courtesy of: YouTube]