How Is Tiffani Thiessen Adjusting To Motherhood The Second Time?

Tiffiani Thiessen now has a second reason to adjust to motherhood after she welcomed her new son into the world on Wednesday, July 1, 2015. Holt Fisher Smith is the newest member of the Thiessen-Smith clan, and all are very excited for his arrival.

Five-year-old Harper, Holt’s big sister, looked most excited on the big day. Tiffani has shared several times via her blog and social media just how thrilled little Harper was that she was going to be a big sister. On the day of the arrival, Tiffani snapped a photo of Harper holding baby Holt and posted it to Instagram with a caption.

“Yesterday Harper got a little brother! We are so excited to introduce Holt Fisher Smith. Our perfect sweet little man. #weareblessed #familyoffour”

As she stated, they are now a family of four, which is a whole different ballgame than a family of three. How is Tiffani Thiessen adjusting to motherhood the second time around? Let’s take a closer look.

There’s no doubting that the former Saved by the Bell, Beverly Hills, 90210, and White Collar actress was very excited for her baby to come. If you’re an avid subscriber to Thiessen’s blog,, you can see just how thrilled the entire family was for the arrival.

In March, she posted some adorable baby-bump photos featuring the whole family, and in June, you can see pics of her blue-themed baby shower where kids were invited. At this baby shower, Tiffany accepted gifts, but only those that would be donated to Baby Buggy, a charity that helps to provide essential clothing and gear to children in need.

In February, she also announced with excitement that she and Brady would be having a boy with some fun gender reveal photos featuring a white-frosted cake dyed blue in the middle. She shares on her blog how much the news meant to her family.

“When we found out I was pregnant Brady and I were over the moon with joy. It was something that we both had wanted for awhile. We both wanted to give Harper a sibling and it’s something she has spent the last year and a half asking for.”

If Thiessen’s past motherhood experiences with Harper are anything like what will happen now that she has two in the house, she’s going to be just fine. As evidenced on her blog and at several major celebrity gatherings, Tiffani embraces motherhood wholeheartedly, and her little family is her life. She’s still very much in love with her husband of 10 years, and the two of them are devoted to raising a happy, healthy family.

It looks like Harper got her wish at last, and Tiffani Thiessen is adjusting to motherhood just fine.

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