Sienna Miller: Swimsuit Flaunts Fitness As Sienna Dishes On Motherhood & Baby Daddy Tom Sturridge [Video]

Sienna Miller chose a swimsuit that displayed just how much effort the new mom is making to restore her pre-baby body. The actress flaunted her fitness while summering in Spain with her boyfriend Tom Sturridge, reported Us Weekly.

Tom and Sienna have a 2-year-old daughter named Marlowe, and Miller has shared that slipping sleekly into a swimsuit wasn’t easy after having her baby in summer 2012.

“It’s hard, because there’s just no structure to my day. With a child and my job, I have enough to do, I can’t always make it to the gym,” said the 33-year-old actress. “I do try to do something with my trainer Efua Baker every now and again, preferably yoga, but that’s not enough of course.”

As for her acting career, Sienna has become a rising star, reported Vogue.

Miller may not be content with her swimsuit body, but she is excited about her films. From Foxcatcher to American Sniper to Unfinished Business to Mississippi Grind, the actress is working with legends such as director Clint Eastwood, comedian Vince Vaughn, and actor Jeremy Irons.

In addition, Sienna shared the story of her romance with her actor boyfriend, who is 29. Miller and Tom have been dating since 2011.

“[Tom is a] grounded, intelligent, kind, and intact person,” summed up Sienna. “There’s no drama. That’s amazing to be around. That’s the father of my child.”

Miller also is loyal to her friends, who include Channing Tatum, Robin Wright, Eddie Redmayne, and Keira Knightley.

“[Sienna is] the most colorful butterfly in any room she’s in,” declared Keira.

And above all, Miller loves being a mother, regardless of whether she ever fully restores her pre-baby swimsuit physique.

“I was overwhelmed by how normal [motherhood] felt. It was like, ‘There you are—that’s what I have been missing.’ Like we’re both in on something only we know. An amazing sense of being complicit with a little being.”

Sienna isn’t alone in touting the joys of celebrity motherhood while dishing on the trials of restoring that pre-baby body. As the Inquisitr reported, Soleil Moon Frye is the mom of three, and the actress revealed that she struggled for years with the fact that while she loves being a mom, the post-baby pounds seemed permanently attached to her body.

And like Miller, Soleil used the criteria of fitting back into her swimsuit to determine when she had lost enough weight.

“I feel better than ever. The first thing for me when losing weight was how do I get back in my old clothes? Then buying new clothes and feeling good about that? Then it was, how do I get back in a bathing suit? And here I am!” exclaimed Frye after shedding 40 post-pregnancy pounds.

[Photo by Neilson Barnard/Getty Images]