Magical Lightning Storm Display Over Cinderella’s Castle At Disney World [Video]

There was a spectacular lightning storm display over Cinderella’s Castle in Disney World at about 7 p.m. on Friday night. The incident sent ripples through online social media within minutes of the magical effects in the night sky.

Mother Nature treated visitors at the Magic Kingdom to the dazzling wonder of an electric thunderstorm over the theme park’s Cinderella Castle, showcasing nature’s ability to outdo man’s best display of pyrotechnics in the night sky.

Disney’s tallest structure, the iconic 189-foot Cinderella Castle, was momentarily lit up with a display of colors as lightning bolts spread spidery arms across the sky.

Instagram user Bridget Vacha wrote, “Once in a lifetime shot over a magical kingdom.”

Lightning Strike Over Cinderella's Castle, Disney

Another Instagram user, Zack Provost, posted online photos and a video of the magic moments of the dazzling display that left visitors transfixed as they watched in awe.

The brief video clip shows the display that Provost described as “powerful and beautiful.”

Fortunately, there were no reports of damages or injuries due to the lightning strike. But according to News 13, there was heavy rainfall with hail and flooding in other areas of Florida on Friday night.

Disney World
Lightning Storm Over Cinderella's Castle At Disney World(Alley_Conway/Instagram)

A Severe Thunderstorm Warning for Orange County on Friday expired at about 8:15 p.m., according to News 13.

The Orlando Sentinel reports that Orange County firefighters were called at about 8 p.m. to the scene of an apartment fire at Buena Vista Place Apartments on Buena Place, off Seams Road.

Residents of the three story building said the fire was started by a lightning.

Awesome Lightning Storm Over Disney World(Twitter/Stephanie Schultz)

No one was injured in the incident which took more than 20 firefighters and two hours to bring under control.

And it was not all magic for Orlando theme-park visitors on Friday. NBC News reports that the 400-ft Orlando Eye, the largest Ferris wheel on the East Coast, broke down on Friday night leaving 66 passengers stranded for three hours.

Fire fighters assisted the technical crew to evacuate the guests stranded in the capsule.

The Associated Press reports that Orange County Fire Rescue spokeswoman Kathleen Kennedy, said, “All guests were safely evacuated.”

In a statement released by the Orlando Eye management, a “technical fault” in the system that controls the wheel caused iy to shut down automatically.

[Images: YouTube/Zack Provost; Instagram/Ally_Conway; Twitter/Stephanie Schultz]